Fixed Metal Ladders or Custom Metal Ladders

Fixed Metal Ladders


Installed fixed metal ladders or custom metal ladders offer quick access to raised areas. If there is a need to access an elevated space and you do it frequently, then it is time to stop pulling out portable ladders.

Reliable Industrial Grade Aluminum is Strong

Adding a solid aluminum fixed ladder creates a safe environment that does not wobble, move laterally, or needs to be dragged out and put away.  

Immediate OSHA Compliance Is A Big Plus

An installed ladder from Saferack is OSHA compliant. There are no variables in this equation. The ladder is firm and bolted where it needs to be. Nobody has to hold it while another worker ascends or descends. The firmness that industrial grade aluminum and regulation rungs create bring an assuredness that a portable ladder never can.

The Path Up And Down Is Sure And Safe

A worker can go up with toolbelts, buckets, and lunchpails, and the path is firm, sure, and reliable. It’s no portable ladder.

ErectaStep ladders from Saferack are available today.

  • There are Eleven Standard Sizes Available (From 1 to 11 Steps)
  • Custom Ladders are available if you need more steps.
  • The Ladder bolts solidly to the bottom of any ErectaStep Platform
  • The Bright Yellow Handrails and rungs are powder-coated in ANSI yellow. Powder Coating ensures that your ladder will look great for many years.
  • ErectaStep Ladders Are always OSHA-compliant
  • Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Proudly Made in America
  • Inspected For Quality
  • Ready To Ship Today

Proactive Safety Managers know where improvement is needed. Ladders need to be the beyond reproach concerning safety, and the ErectaStep Ladders or Custom Metal Ladders are a great call that offers safety peace of mind. On your next walkthrough see if there are any areas where an installed ladder would be an ideal solution. Saferack can advise your company about the perfect ladder for your site.

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