OSHA Compliant Metal Stairs

OSHA Compliant Metal Stairs

OSHA Compliant Metal Stairs With Metal Work Platform

With the SafeRack’s ErectaStep prefabricated metal stair solutions, you get OSHA compliant metal stairs and work platforms.

The wrong metal stairs are often a source of workplace injury due to sizing and material failure. The OSHA compliant stairs in the ErectaStep system meet the length, depth, and weight-bearing requirements that create safe environments.

If your plant has an area that needs expansion, any ErectaStep System can expand or be configured to maintain conformity to the plan already in place.

The solid OSHA compliant stairs, platforms, guardrails, and gates can be added easily to meet expansion. Your workers can safely monitor, calibrate, and apply maintenance to any equipment with the confidence that only a stable, rigid platform can provide.

If expansion is part of your plan, the possibilities that ErectaStep offers your project are limited only by your imagination.

Erectastep is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum to stand the test of time. And it’s engineered for safety, so it’ll pass the tests of OSHA.

ErectaStep can safely expand vertically or horizontally. Consider the space above floor level as a viable possibility for growth.

The manufactured quality of the Erectastep components is what creates a rigid, stable platform. The five ErectaStep parts are manufactured using high-grade industrial strength aluminum. When assembled, they result in robust platforms that feel good under your feet and create the confidence needed to address any job rapidly. The vibrant yellow handrails, guardrails, and gates surround the edges of the platform offering constant slip and fall protection.

Addressing areas in your plant, factory, or fuel depot that can use a new OSHA compliant work platform is a smart, proactive step. Is your company currently using state of the art materials that increase the safety levels of your site? Replacing old subpar materials with state of the art fall protection is a secure line in any budget.

Worker safety always adds peace of mind. Using OSHA compliant ErectaStep metal stairs to reduce the possibilities of workplace injuries adds up to peace of mind.

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