Metal Safety Stairs With Handrails

Elevator Shaft Electrical Room-Rooftop Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

Metal Safety Stairs With Handrails

Application: The Cane Patch Condominium Access to Elevator Control Room

Any area that requires safe access for service, calibration, or emergency shutoff, should have a durable, reliable, set of metal safety stairs with handrails. Stairs allow workers to upload or take out any heavy equipment with the ease and safety that a ladder does not offer. Performing an equipment switch out, a quality check or routine maintenance is easier when the access point on a rooftop or tight environments is safe and sturdy.

The ErectaStep Installation in this photograph is eight steps to a platform to housing that contains the apex of an elevator shaft. The choice of the Erectastep system for this access door was well thought out. Elevators require constant top-down maintenance and routine municipal inspections. There is a need for occasional electrical work, re-cabling, lubrication, and calibration. Much of this requires onsite heavy equipment that is maneuvered easily and safer on a modular step system.

The components that make up the ErectaStep system are made in the USA of heavy gauge material that withstands heavy loads, severe weather and constant usage. The stairs are constructed to create a non-slip environment and the paint on the guardrails and gates are powder-coated to sustain a vibrant color that holds up very well to fading by the outdoor elements.

Erectastep Systems offer endless configurations for any height or length. The components are easily installed and they meet all OSHA requirements. This is a heavy-duty, durable and safe solution for any space that needs access. mlee