Milk Transport Loading Racks and Canopy

Milk Transport Loading System Including Oversized Gangways, Safety Cage, and Canopy installation at a Land O’ Lakes facility in Arizona

When a Land O’ Lakes was looking for upgrades to improve safety for milk transport and loading operators at their dairy facility in Arizona, they called upon SafeRack to provide customized food loading solutions. Previously bulk milk operators had to climb ladders to access dairy tanker trucks for visual inspections and sampling. Once the trucks enter the scales to be weighed, the milk is unloaded from below inside the production facility.

The new system was designed to work alongside their existing scales. The loading system included a pair of oversized gangways, fall protection safety cages for better operator ergonomics, and an overhead canopy to protect workers from the intense Arizona sun.

Milk Transportation

No two farms or facilities are the same. Many times the operating procedures for hookup, pumping, and sample collection coupled with specialty milk products can be complicated. Dairy trucks and stainless steel milk tankers need product inspections which are often done from the top hatch, requiring the operator to access the top of the truck for sample collection.

Milk and bulk liquid food grade products require food-grade carriers and haulers tanker food grade trailers. Loads can include but are not limited to food-grade oils, milk, alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, and spirits, as well as fruit juices such as orange juice.

Sanitary food grade trailers can have heating to help hold the product at a specific temperature while being transported. Trailers are insulated and have both stainless steel jackets and barrels on a subframe of aluminum or steel, which depends on weight restrictions or specific requirements. Sanitary trailers can include options like pumps for farm pick up, when pumps are not available at the facility. In-Transit heating systems for hot products and have a capacity from 6,200 to 7,500 gallons.