The Partner Trusted by the Frac Sand Industry

SafeRack, a company with years of experience working in the safe access industry, is stepping up to resolve the increasing challenges faced by the frac sand industry. Sustained demand for proppant continues to drive the need for quick, innovative and cost-effective ways to safely access, load, and ship sand to fracking sites across the US. South
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SafeRack Helps Concrete and Aggregate Facilities Stay Safe and Compliant

When loading and unloading cement and other binding substances for your business, safety is no joke. That’s why the world’s industry leaders such as LafargeHolcim North America rely on SafeRack to provide durable, high-cycle safety loading systems to ensure safe and reliable working environments. From trailer loading gangways, platforms, and safety-related loaded equipment SafeRack knows that cement and aggregate
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SixAxis, Parent Company of SafeRack Welcomes Peter White as CFO

SixAxis announced the appointment of Peter White to the executive leadership team on December 6th, 2018. White stepped into his role as Chief Financial Officer on December 10th, 2018.  SixAxis’ innovative products have been giving businesses in all sectors the competitive edge globally since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents are created under brands including
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SixAxis, Parent Company of SafeRack Welcomes Jack Murphy as VP of Sales

SixAxis announced the appointment of Jack Murphy to the executive leadership team on January 7th, 2019. Murphy stepped into his role as Vice President of Sales on January 21st, 2019.  SixAxis’ innovative products have been giving businesses in all sectors the competitive edge globally since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents are created under brands
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Q4 2018 is the Perfect Time to Invest in Safety Equipment

With New OSHA Regulations Taking Effect, Be Compliant While Saving Money With 2018 Q4 Tax Benefits When SafeRack was founded in 2003, we knew that manufacturing companies around the world needed top-notch safety equipment to keep their businesses running safely and successfully. Who knew that our efforts could also help the very same businesses earn significant
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TODO Safety, Technology, and Performance

    Safety First The transfer of hazardous gases and liquids is necessary for various industries, so recognizing and following safety rules constantly is imperative. These standards are put in place for the protection of all involved, making safety a top priority and helping ensure everyone goes home in one piece after the workday is
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Project Profile – Track Mounted Gangway Installation

SafeRack worked with a fine chemical manufacturing company needed help accessing their trucks in a safe and efficient way. The environment, like any chemical environment, was filled with highly hazardous materials, melts and solids and all safety precautions must be met to ensure the safety of this company’s workers. The goal of the company was
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A Propane Facility Crossover Project

Project Profile – A Propane Facility Crossover Project

A propane and natural gas processing company based in the greater D.C. area export facility provided propane to a large section of the country. They found themselves in need of a crossover in order to assist workers in efficiently getting around the facility for maintenance required to upkeep their equipment. After doing some research on
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Aviation aft maintenance platforms -

Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Airline Maintenance Company Says Goodbye to Building In-House Scaffolding

Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Project Profile An airline company’s main responsibility and concern is the safety of its passengers. An industry such as this requires frequent maintenance checks, as well as, repairs. This specific company has been building all scaffolding in-house and has spent countless hours making adjustments to the scaffolding when the height of
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Announcing MarinaStep, an innovative line of ship and marine gangways

SafeRack, the world’s largest manufacturer of truck and railcar loading platforms and safety equipment, is excited to announce the latest addition to its premier safe access and fall protection product line. MarinaStep is an innovative line of ship and marine gangways and access ramps, specifically designed for the maritime marketplace.

SafeRack helps Eco-Services Update Acid Railcar Loading Platforms

Rhodia company, now known as Eco-services, was in need of upgrading their old, antiquated acid railcar loading platforms to one updated continuous platform for loading railcars. They knew that SafeRack was right for the task due to their reliable safety systems in bulk chemical loading. This project started back in 2011-2012, but took time due to the
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Defense Industry Replaces Temporary Scaffolding

A defense company had recently built an addition to their facility and installed equipment for a new manufacturing process they were adopting. The concrete infrastructure was poured and temporary scaffolding was being used to supervise new equipment installation and conduct equipment startup and operation. That said, the customer needed a permanent work platform to replace
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Top 5 Oil Regions in the United States

The United States is known to be one of the top oil-producing countries in the world. In fact, The United States is ranked at the top of every nation followed by Russia. This has been because of the very high production of oil in some regions of the country. We have over 100 regions with
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Dry Disconnect Couplings – Handling Hazardous, High-Value Chemicals Doesn’t Have To Be High Risk

Being able to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals lost during the connection and disconnection of coupling systems offers significant benefits to operators and handlers, but it can also lead to substantial cost savings. High-value chemicals are utilized throughout most manufacturing industries, and the utmost care has to be taken in order to maximize profits
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Barge Gangway Dock Ramp with operator

How to Determine and Choose Marine Access and Safety Solutions

Ship and barge access, loading, and unloading can be challenging if you are not aware of the options, and the factors that can affect your options. When accessing a ship or barge, a proper setup is needed to provide efficiency for marine loading and unloading, and provide a safe environment. Safety needs to include precautions
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10 Minute Tips: Marine Loading/Unloading Safety Checks

 Take 10 minutes and learn tips that will help save lives and save money for your ship and barge loading operations. When accessing a ship or barge a proper setup is needed to provide safe conditions while keeping operations efficient for marine loading and unloading. Taking the necessary steps now will help prevent costly accidents
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aluminum marine gangway

Marine Safety | Proactive Ways to Protect Workers and Yourself

Marine safety, along with all industrial safety, needs to be approached proactively to protect workers and employers. When it comes to safety, a reactive approach could cost time, money, and potentially cost lives. It only takes one small mishap to cause irreparable damages.

Offshore Oil Drilling

Top 3 Forms of Drilling

Before the loading and unloading of petroleum products it needs to be drilled There are multiple types of drilling that can be employed to remove oil and natural gas from the ground below. Here’s a look at some of the most common methods, and how they work. Oil Drilling Oil drilling provides a number of
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Falfurrias Capital Announces Strategic Investment in SixAxis

SixAxis is a leading manufacturer of safety equipment, including SafeRack, ErectaStep brands    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 21, 2017) – Falfurrias Capital Partners (“FCP”), a Charlotte-based private equity firm focused on investing in growth-oriented, middle-market businesses, and SixAxis LLC (“SixAxis”), the leading manufacturer of advanced products that increase worker safety and boost productivity, today announced that
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SafeRack’s Statement Regarding Hurricane Harvey

On behalf of the entire SixAxis family, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those impacted by this devastating storm. We know for certain that many of our employees, dealers, and customers in the area have sustained significant damage and hardship as a result of this historical disaster. SixAxis is contributing $5,000 to
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northern platforms ltd

SafeRack LLC Announces First of its Kind Master Distributor Partnership with Canada-based Northern Platforms LTD

ANDREWS, S.C., June 7, 2017 /CNW/ — SafeRack LLC, the leading manufacturer of truck and railcar loading platform systems and safety equipment, is proud to announce Northern Platforms LTD as its first exclusive distributor for the Alberta and British Columbia regions of Canada. The move comes after many years of sharing the same marketspace. With petro-chem
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OSHA Inspection

Major OSHA Updates Begin August 1st

(As of July 13, 2016, OSHA has announced that it will delay enforcement of their new anti-retaliation regulations until November 1, 2016. The following blog post has been edited to reflect these changes.) Come August, there will be a new batch of OSHA rules and regulations going into effect. How will you know which ones impact you and how to decipher the new guidelines? Here, we’ve summarized the key updates to note, and what to pay attention to in the coming weeks.

SafeRack Georgetown Business of the Year

Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce Announces Annual Award Winners

As seen on By Clayton Stairs May 23, 2016 The Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce has announced seven award winners to be honored during the 99th Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 9. The award winners are: Lifetime of Leadership — Bob Jewell, outgoing president/CEO of Brookgreen Gardens Young Professional of the Year — Brooke
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Software configurator 3d

Video Game-Like Software Could Revolutionize Custom Manufacturing: Q&A With SafeRack’s Rob Honeycutt

Even in today’s fast-paced economy, it can take manufacturers weeks or months to deliver customized products. The process begins with an initial conversation about what the customer needs, which is then relayed to engineers to see what’s possible. Drafting, pricing and the manufacturing process itself add to turnaround time. Rob Honeycutt’s company, SafeRack, is using
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SafeRack expansion

South Carolina’s SixAxis Invests $20 Million in Facility Expansion, Jobs

Partnership with State of South Carolina and Georgetown County Aids Manufacturer’s Expansion Andrews, SC – December 10, 2015 SixAxis and its SafeRack division, a manufacturer of loading rack and safety access solutions, have announced expansion plans to support their immediate and long term growth initiatives. SafeRack, the State of South Carolina, and Georgetown County have
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SafeRack people make the difference

SafeRack and Atlatl Growth Brings High-Tech Opportunity to Local Area

Accelerated growth at SafeRack and its sister company Atlatl Software is bringing high-tech manufacturing and software technology jobs to the area. Andrews, SC – September 27, 2014 SafeRack, a leader in custom loading platforms and gangways for truck, railcar and industrial safety applications, and its sister company Atlatl Software, pioneer of the software category Sales
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Jeff Reichert head shot

SafeRack Appoints Jeff Reichert to President

Jeff Reichert has been appointed President of SafeRack loading rack technologies. Andrews, SC – May 14, 2014 SafeRack, an industry leader specializing in loading rack technologies for trucks, railcars and industrial safety applications, announced the appointment of Jeff Reichert to President. The announcement was made by co-founders Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt who said, “Jeff
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Methods for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Non-Pressure and Pressure Tank Cars

From Pamphlet 34 – January 18, 2013 [] Preface This document presents general guidelines for the selection of tank cars and recommended procedures for loading and unloading of the cars. It is not a complete and comprehensive set of methods, instructions or procedures applicable for all situations and car types. Each user company is encouraged to
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