Part 2 – Search For The Perfect Gangway – SafeRack’s G4 Safety Gangways.

SafeRack’s gangways are designed keeping in view the needs of the customer. The most important aspect of a gangway is safety. Bent, molded and welded gangways could never provide you the security and peace of mind you need to work efficiently. SafeRack’s gangway is not only safe and secure, the design ensures there’s little to no welding. Moreover, SafeRack’s experienced team visits the place where the gangway is to be installed and then installs the gangway that fits the place. There is no match to the service, quality and safety SafeRack provides its clients.

There’s a story behind every part in peace of our gangway that means something. That’s a result typically of a customer who’s had a problem with something on the gangway and we found a way to address that problem. 

We don’t use this and you can even see it’s slightly bent but this is what was used. 

When we listen to our customers and we see the population of gangways that are in the field, there’s cracked welds everywhere. Over time these gangways slam up and down over the tops of trucks and some of our customers’ locations, they’re cycled up to 175 times a day. The patent-pending design for the G4 gangway completely eliminated the welding out of many parts of the components that go into the gangway. We have many parts that used to have 8, 11, 12 pieces welded together. We went from doing that to stamping and folding metal similar to automobiles, similar to lawn mowers, similar to other more high production type products. 

As you can see, even though this one also has a little foot pedal, we had to use a bungee cord just to make sure it’s held in the spot. It’s kind of lose. 

What we’ve done is we’ve looked at it from every possible aspect of how we can make our product as safe as possible with coming and adding a spacer. It’s taken our mid rail out. We’ve just looked at the gangway all around everywhere and operators hands may, speed may go and we’ve done everything we can to make the gangway as safe as we possibly can. 

You have a customer who picked up the phone and he bought a gangway without anybody looking at the spot and help making sure that, that product was going to fit his exact location. We have reps that have over 20 years’ experience that measure the spots, engage with our customers, make sure that the product that they’re requesting is something we need to feel [unclear – 03:30]. [We’ve got to make sure when we put the gangway, it’s not going to miss that pipe]. 

Our gangways are not one-size-fits-all. We can adjust to overhead obstruction, obstruction beside us, obstructions all around us, so we have a bunch of different styles that we can offer you. We do have our standard product. It is the standard equipment that we offer to a customer but everything we do can be customized. We’ve got awesome engineers, we got some of the best fabricators you can find around here and we can pretty much do anything the customer needs us to do. We don’t sell standard equipment, we sell the equipment that the customer needs. 

We have sales people that come in, they measure the spots, they make sure that the gangway that we’re going to provide will fit and I think that there’s value in that.