The Partner Trusted by the Frac Sand Industry

SafeRack, a company with years of experience working in the safe access industry, is stepping up to resolve the increasing challenges faced by the frac sand industry. Sustained demand for proppant continues to drive the need for quick, innovative and cost-effective ways to safely access, load, and ship sand to fracking sites across the US.

South Carolina-based Saferack has earnt itself such a positive name within the industry that it’s regularly called upon to become involved with the engineering of the logistics sections of fracking and sand production projects at their conception. Their experience and reputation have been the catalyst in partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Vista, Preffered Sands, TPS, C.I.G., and Hi Crush to name a few.

Director of Safety & Risk Management at Vista Proppants and Logistics, Brian J. Hecht, is one such customer who relied on SafeRack to provide the safe access systems he needed.

“SafeRack worked with us to design unique systems to access frac sand specific vehicles and boxes typically not seen in other industries,” Brian said. “They listened to our needs and manufactured safe solutions that help keep truckers and personnel safe in a fast-paced loading environment.”

SafeRack has worked with companies to redesign and standardize systems that address specific hazards only encountered in this industry. The wide array of vehicles used to transport frac sand require very flexible and easy to use systems that have the highest cycle rates of any industry. These patented equipment designs are integral to higher throughput while providing the safest designs available on the market today.

Vice President of New Facility Construction at C.I.G Logistics, David Friesen said: “SafeRack designed our hatching station with vehicle throughput in mind. The safe, easy to use designs are well liked by our operators and contributes greatly to successfully turning around proppant loads.”

The oil and shale gas industries are now demanding more and more frac sand and last mile loading flexibility which has led to larger capacity boxes being constructed. Extractions rigs are demanding high quantities of frac sand as the more sand pumped into the fissures that hold the oil and gas, the more product is extracted.

This increased sandbox size has posed no challenge to Saferack which simply uses its modular design to adapt to changing vehicle configurations.

SafeRack’s Director of Frac Sand Business Development, Kenny Rogers, has worked in the frac sand industry for many years and has grown a strong understanding of the needs of his clients and the sector.

“Our clients trust us,” Kenny said. “They know we have a wide range of experience in this industry and know we will do everything we can to ensure the products and services we deliver will meet their needs. For us, that is a vital part of what we are and what we stand for. Our clients’ business informs every decision we make.”

SafeRack was built on an ethos of flexibility and quick delivery and has developed its enviable reputation on producing a range of modular safe access systems that are appropriate for use with a huge number of mediums and industries. The company is fully prepared, both in terms of its innovative equipment and its highly skilled and knowledgeable people, to meet the growing demands of the frac sand industry.

For more information about how your concrete or frac sand business can benefit from a partnership with SafeRack, contact our team to schedule your free assessment.


By Kenny Rogers
SafeRack Cement & Frac Sand Vertical Market Specialist