SafeRack Patented Features – Basetread

Basetread’s conventional design was prone to failure because it had a lot of parts which made it inconsistent. This vital part of gangway is now manufactured using state of the art tube laser technology and the number of welded parts are now reduced to just seven which makes basetread safe and consistent.

Basetread is a vital part of the gangway itself because it attaches to the stationary part which is the platform to the movable part which is the U-body part of the gangway. It also attaches the counterbalance springs which aid in the movement of the gangway.

Well the basetread when we first started consisted of 17 parts that had to be reassembled or assembled, welded fit, so there was a consistency issue involved with that and also having a lot of different welds provided possibilities for failure in the field. But the current design has gone down from 17 parts to seven parts.

Today what we use is a patented process of forming the base plate which is the walk surface of the gangway. It was prior made out of four different pieces, currently it’s made out of one piece that is stamped and then formed. The uprights are also a patented process which is made out from a tube laser in one continuous piece where it used to be six. Those two pieces are then taken over and actually welded robotically. I think it’s very important that customer feel comfortable with their gangway and if they know that we take a particular attention to the smallest detail then they’re going to feel comfortable with their product.