SafeRack Patented Features – Gangway Bearing Retainer Plate

The new design of bearing retainer plate is safe and consistent. Contrary to the earlier designs, the new design’s over travel stop is produced on state of the art tube laser which provides consistency. The robotic welding of over travel stop on retainer further enhances the quality and consistency of the product.

The foot lock assembly is very important. First of all it keeps the gangway in the stored position which is out of the railroad envelope. 

This ensures that either a truck or a rail car would not hit that and damage it. Earlier designs was just a simple boat that would go into the side of the gangway and over time and usually a short period of time, it was wearing way of that… the hole in them making it large and it wasn’t operating the way, it was designed. 

So the patented design is made from 11 gauge stainless steel material and this is stamped out on our high-speed presses. The foot lock assembly is made very similar to that. It is in riveted on to the side of the gangway. The over travel stop is produced on our tube laser, it is then fitted into the retainer plate and robotically weld. This gives us a good consistent part over and over. 

We got zero failures in the field as a result of it and that’s exactly what we’re looking for and our customers are looking for.