SafeRack Patented Features – Platform Handrail

Conventional platform handrail had nine pieces that had to be cut, fitted and welded together which effected consistency and quality. The new handrails by SafeRack are manufactured using state of the art tube laser technology. This results in more safe, consistent and premium quality handrails.

[Transcript] Platform handrail is the key safety feature of a platform system. The old way to build handrails, the old style handrails consisted of nine pieces that had to be cut and had to be fitted, had to be welded manually. Today SafeRack manufactures handrails with the use of our equipment and our technology center, our tube laser. After the tube laser is used to cut the side and the top piece is all as one piece, we’re able to use our robotic welder to robotically weld the pieces together and it fits all together like a jigsaw puzzle. I think with the way they’re built today from a time-consuming standpoint from a manpower standpoint, you’re able to cut out a lot of those things for us to give a more quality product that will last forever.