Metal Crossover Stairs For Pipelines

Pipeline Safety

Metal Stairs and Work Platform for Pipeline Access
Metal Stairs and Work Platform for Pipeline Access

This image shows how the Buckeye Pipeline used an ErectaStep metal stair system to solve problems and improve safety in a remote location effectively. The ErectaStep system you see here was put in place to allow workers to safely access flow control valves in a hurry and with confidence. The modular system is immediately OSHA compliant due to superb engineering and modern manufacturing practices. Each component in the ErectaStep system meets or exceeds OSHA standards by using industrial-grade metals that are durable, rigid, and safe for your workers.

The stairs come with a stamped pattern that grips a worker’s shoe as they go up and down. These stairs meet all the new OSHA requirements for length, depth, and weight-bearing ability. Your workers can carry bulky tools and equipment, and these easy to clean stairs will hold firm.

Our stairs bear the weight they have to and meet all of the new OSHA requirements.

The guardrails and handrails on the platform and staircases bolt in place. This “no shortcut” approach makes it easy to assemble and makes our modular system more solid-state. There is nothing shaky, loose, or flimsy about our reliable, well-assembled systems.

The work platform is modular and can be expanded to meet any size or dimension that you need for the workspace. The individual platforms are 4 square feet of rigid non-slip metal. The platforms bolt together to go as long or as wide as you need them to go.

The base portion of the ErectaStep system is where the strength starts. The base legs are heavy-duty metal that is laser welded to add rigidity and minimal weld points. The connections are cleaner, stronger, and will last longer in harsh environments.

Precast Concrete Pads Add Immediate Stability without having to pour and set concrete.

Below the base are sets of precast concrete pads. Creating a stable base point for any work platform or crossover system is imperative. Using precast concrete pads allow for a faster installation into any tight space. You will not lose time having to pour concrete and letting it set. Precast concrete pads can be dropped into place on a level surface.

Setting up a system of this caliber is quick and can be done with minimal labor in a short amount of time.

One in place flow control valves are easily accessible, and your workers are in a safe environment.

SafeRack has been installing work platforms and OSHA-compliant crossover systems for over 20 years. The ErectaStep system is easy to design and install, and Saferack can offer immediate design assistance and a price quote based on just a few simple dimensions. Maintain or get immediate OSHA compliance by installing an ErectaStep system today. After you approve your order and options, it will be ready to ship. All of our items are in stock and ready to go. Call SafeRack today!