Metal Stairs for Modular Building

ErectaStep Stairs and platforms make great access solutions for raised door entry.

Door leading to ErectaStep Stairs from a modular building

Erectastep presents you a modular system allowing you to choose the right number of treads and assemble them fast and easy. Our high-quality metal stair system is a seamless solution for outdoor use for the modular building as all aluminum components are subject to galvanization and powder coating. These processes ensure that our modular metal staircases will not only resist corrosion but also expected to function for many years.

No doubt, Erectastep metal stairs are one of the leading modular staircases available on the market. Being smart designed and universal, they will fit every place or terrain, thanks to the adjustable design and step height. Modular construction promotes any changes to new conditions – from adding additional modules, reassembling, extending to replacing broken parts.