★ Crossover Platform Systems

Railcar Chocks and Blocks

Top Loading Arm Systems and Accessories

Truck Mobile Access Unit

★ Access Gangways & Loading Ramps

Truck Spill Containment

Ground Support Rolling Platform MP-Series

★ Railcar Loading Racks and Safety Access Platforms

SafeRack's loading racks for truck and railcar loading are designed for a single spot or multi-spot loading areas. Our loading racks represent complete loading and unloading system designs, available in a variety of heights to suit specific applications.

RollaStep Mobile Work Platforms

★ Loading Platform Systems

Terminal & Speciality Products

★ Truck Loading Platforms

Railcar Mobile Access Unit

★ Metal Work Platforms & Stairs

Barge and Ship Style Gangways

Decontamination Decks

★ Rolling Platforms

★ Extra Wide Gangways

Elevating and Articulating Systems

Trolley Beam Fall Protection

★ Flat Ramp Style (SFR) Gangways

Bucket Stacking Shelves

Elevating Handrail Systems

★ Truck Cage Safety Fall Protection

★ Precast Concrete Pads

★ Flat Ramp Access Gangway

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Truck Chocks and Blocks

Safety Gates & Traffic Control

Polyethylene & Composite Track Pans

★ Self-Adjusting Stair (SAS) Gangways

Canopy Systems for Railcars

Petroleum and Chemical Skids & Transloaders

Track Mounted Gangway

Reliable Railcar or Truck Access That Moves With You

SafeRack's Track-Mounted Gangway Increases Efficiency. Our gangways move horizontally along a steel track, allowing safe access to locations on top of your trucks and railcars. Tracking gangways are ideal when there is multiple hatch openings that need to be accessed or different lengths of vehicles. Multiple gangways can be connected to allow spotting of numerous rail cars at once. Swing gates along unused areas of the platform to ensure worker safety. SafeRack can customize and create variable length and width gangways to suit your application

Flatbed Fall Protection

Ladder Fall Protection

Shelters and Canopies

★ Metal Work Platforms

Large Containment Sumps

Loading System Accessories

★ Metal Tower Supports

★ Safety Cages & Fall Protection

Drum Safety Cabinets

Lifeline Cable Systems

Portable Spill Containment

Loading and Unloading System Fittings

★ Offset Cage for Gangways

Blending, Metering and Loading Skids

Loading Arm and Hose Couplers

Waste Collector Systems

Drum Spill Containment

★ Custom Stairs and Work Platforms

★ SafeLok - Gangway Safety Lockdown System

Railcar Cage Safety Fall Protection

IBC and Other Spill Containment

Flow Metering Systems

SafeRack offers flow measurement solutions and products from top-tier manufacturers with a well-established reputation for reliability in day-to-day applications. These trusted flow meter products range from simple flow indicators to highly developed bus-compatible electronic flow measurement units that provide custody transfer for the Petroleum Upstream, Midstream and Downstream markets as well as other industrial markets. Applications include Crude Oil & NGL Production, Ship Bunkering, Bulk Storage Terminals, Refinery Blending, Truck & Railcar Loading, Aviation Fueling, Bitumen Metering and Liquid Sulphur Metering.

Railcar & Truck Loading Platforms

SafeRack manufactures and installs a full line of railcar and truck loading platform equipment tailor-made for your industry.

Access Gangways & Loading Ramps For Loading Platforms

SafeRack's patented access gangways and loading rack systems and equipment are designed for maximum safety, ergonomics, productivity and lower maintenance.

Marine Aluminum Gangways

Our advanced corrosion-resistant aluminum gangway is designed for OHSA compliant worker safety.

Railcar Loading Gangways

SafeRack railcar unloading and loading platforms and gangways offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

Truck Loading Access Gangways

SafeRack truck access gangways are engineered to articulate and self-level, adjusting to varying vehicle heights.

Bin Cabinets

The Strong Hold® heavy-duty storage bin cabinet with shelves allows for quick and easy organization of small parts.

Computer Cabinets

SafeRack offers various computer cabinets to fit your specific needs.

Grounding & Monitoring

Grounding monitors and overfill prevention are critical when loading and unloading petrochemical or other harsh liquids. It’s important to take every precaution to avoid accidents, and SafeRack makes that easy. Our technologically advanced overfill protection and grounding monitor verification systems help boost both safety and productivity. And we can help you select and install electronic rack equipment for accurate and reliable ground monitoring regardless of your railcar or tank-car operation's needs.

Process Products

SafeRack offers a complete line of process monitoring systems for petroleum, gas and other hazardous chemicals.

Industrial Safety Gates

Our industrial safety gates and mezzanine gates are ergonomically designed to help save you time and money.

Loading Arm Systems and Components

SafeRack supplies more OPW and Emco Wheaton loading arm systems than anyone in North America.

Bottom Loading Arms

SafeRack’s bottom loading arms can boost safety and productivity in your loading system.

Couplers & Adapters

To run a safe and efficient loading system, every part, fitting and accessory needs to be working together seamlessly. With years of experience engineering full loading systems, SafeRack can help keep your product flowing quickly and safely.

Grounding, Overfill & Monitoring For Loading Trucks and Railcars

SafeRack makes loading and monitoring petrochemical and other harsh liquids safer and easier.

Metal Work Platforms & Stair Systems

ErectaStep® metal stairs and industrial maintenance work platforms.

Outdoor Storage Cabinets

SafeRack offers various outdoor cabinets to fit your specific needs

Petroleum and Chemical Skids & Transloaders

Industry-leading remote loading and unloading equipment.

Wire Cages - Security Cage, Storage Cage and Partitions

SafeRack's woven and welded wire cages, security cages, storage cages and partitions for the commercial and industrial marketplace.

Railcar and Truck Loading Shelters

Our heavy-duty loading platform shelters and canopies are designed to increase uptime.

Mobile Ladders & Platforms

Our mobile access truck and railcar stairs and platforms enable workers to safely reach some of the most challenging elevated spaces around.

Loading System Accessories

The accessories for your loading arm application are just as important as the loading arm itself.

Spill Containment Solutions

Protect yourself from industrial spills with the best prevention, containment and cleanup solutions on the market.

Drum Spill Containment

From bladder spill decks to funnels, our containment solutions are designed to keep you compliant and productive and the environment safe and clean.

Safety Breakaways

SafeRack’s wide selection of safety release systems and breakaway couplings protect your workers from accidental pull-away accidents during loading and unloading. Designed to reduce costs and downtime, our systems seal the valve on both sides, keeping spills — and any equipment damage — from occurring.

IBC Spill Containment

Containment solutions for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) that help you comply with SPCC, EPA and UFC requirements.

Other Spill Containment Products

We've been in the safety business for decades, so it only makes sense that we'd offer the most reliable and durable drum-spill containment solutions in the industry. Our solutions meet EPA and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment regulations, and they're built to withstand the use and abuse your job demands. We not only stand behind the products we offer, but our professionals will help you find the ideal solution to ensure your operation is as compliant and efficient as it needs to be, as well.

Portable Spill Containment

Prevent spills, reduce fines and downtime with our wide range of reliable Portable Spill Containment products.

Railcar Track Pans

SafeRack's complete range of railroad track pan and spill containment systems. Our SPCC and EPA compliant Polyethylene and Metal railcar track pans are used globally and protect from accidental railcar spills and chemical spills at rail car wash facilities, railroad tank car loading areas, and locomotive fueling stations preventing costly cleanup and regulatory fines.

Spill Containment Berms

Spill containment berms for tanker trucks, vehicles, large containers and machinery.

Swivel Joints

Optimize Your Loading with the Right Swivel. Many loading applications depend on swivel joints to keep things running smoothly. And whether in the petrochemical industry or water treatment facilities, it’s critical that those swivel joints are built to withstand tough conditions. As an add-on to loading arms systems, swivel joints allow rigid piping structures to operate in the same way a hose would. When paired with balance systems, they remove the danger of handling large structures, which can often pose unnecessary risks.

Spill Pallets - Spill Containment

Truck Spill Containment

Portable, effective and easy-to-use containment solutions for the trucking industry.

Railcar & Truck Loading Facility Tools & Equipment

We offer everything you need to keep loading terminals and industrial manufacturing plants safe and productive.


TODO couplings help eliminate safety, environmental and human error issues. And they utilize a simple bayonet design to allow for faster connections - regardless of connection type. So not only are the couplings safer, but they're more efficient, as well.

Vehicle Loading Fall Protection

SafeRack's full range of fall protection and fall arrest systems operate effortlessly to protect workers from industrial accidents and unnecessary strain.

Truck & Railcar Loading Safety Cages

Fall protection solutions for a variety of vehicle access requirements.