Swivel Joints

Saferack offers the industry’s largest selection of swivel joints, from general purpose to heavy duty split flange designs.

We proudly carry EMCO Wheaton, OPW, and DIXON family brands in order to handle any of your fluid handling/transfer needs. With over 50 years of industry experience, our team of sales representatives has the expertise to help you find the right swivel for your specific application.

  • Quality Parts Built for Longevity
  • Increases Safety and Versatility
  • Large Range of Sizes and Applications

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hose reel swivels

Optimize Your Loading with the Right Swivel. Many loading applications depend on swivel joints to keep things running smoothly. And whether in the petrochemical industry or water treatment facilities, it’s critical that those swivel joints are built to withstand tough conditions.

As an add-on to loading arms systems, swivel joints allow rigid piping structures to operate in the same way a hose would. When paired with balance systems, they remove the danger of handling large structures, which can often pose unnecessary risks.

The type of swivel joint needed will vary based on mechanical load, internal pressure, temperature and product type being handled. With brands like OPW, TODO and Emco Wheaton, SafeRack provides general purpose swivel joints, hose reel swivels, and chemical, LNG and LPG in a wide variety of styles.

With safety and efficiency on the line, you need a product you can rely on. SafeRack offers a comprehensive range of swivel joints designed to meet the demands of any application. And we can work with you to design a custom solution if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

swivel joints

General Purpose Swivel Joints - 3000 Series

Available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles to meet virtually any application.

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hose reel swivels

Hose Reel Swivels

An integral part of many hose reel applications is an OPW Swivel Joint. OPW produces a variety of swivel joints designed specifically for hose reels. In addition, we have the ability to customize a hose reel swivel to fit your specific application.

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endura split flange swivel

8000 Series Endura Split Flange Swivels

The Endura™ Dual Split Flange (DSF) swivel joint from OPW® Engineered Systems represents the best in swivel technology. Specifically designed for the transfer of hazardous materials such as acids, solvents, petrochemicals and other toxic fluids, Endura™ sets the standard in loading arm swivel performance.

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todo swivel emco

TODO Swivels

Developed originally as part of the TODO-MATIC® coupling construction then subsequently as a stand alone product, the TODO® swivel has proved itself in the toughest applications for over 20 years.

Used mainly to allow free hose movement without imparting torque stresses to the assembly (one of the biggest causes of premature hose failure).

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d2000 swivel joint

D2000 Swivel Joint

The use of our new, multifunctional swivel joint - D2000 - optimizes nearly all liquid transports. Whether in the mineral oil, food or chemical industry, the D2000 meets the highest standards.

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twin track swivel

Twin Track Swivel Joint - D1010

The D1010 is the standard swivel joint with two ball tracks. It is usually used where large size swivel joints have to take heavy loads (typically for Emco Wheaton Marine Loading Arms). Both ball tracks of the carbon steel version are hardened and polished, giving the swivel joint a high degree of load capacity and long service life, even under extreme loads.

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