Bulk Chemical Loading

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Crude Oil

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Flatbed Truck Loading

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Grounding & Monitoring

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Marine & Shipping Ports

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Natural Gas & LPG

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Pipe Lines

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Power Plants

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Wastewater Treatment

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Air Eliminators and Combination Air Strainers

Strainers are installed in pipe lines ahead of meters, pumps, valves, etc., to protect such equipment against intrusion of pipe scale, welding spatter and other foreign material. The use of the proper size strainer together with a basket of suitable mesh pays dividends in reduced maintenance on mechanisms which are in contact with flowing liquids.

When accuracy and Repeatability count most.

When it is known that comparatively large amounts of lint or iron oxide are present in a stream, a large strainer should be used as these materials clog up basket screens rapidly-especially if resins, gums or varnishes are also present.

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