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SafeRack MAUI

Mobile access platform Maui Mover power unit


Easily Maneuverable, Incredibly Strong. SafeRack’s MAUI mobile loading platform is a portable truck access platform that’s built to provide safe and dependable operation for years to come. Because it’s built with durable materials, it requires minimal maintenance. And its rugged base makes the rolling platform extremely stable. Plus, the telescoping ladder extends to fit varying heights and applications around your facility. And it’s in-stock and ready-to-ship, so you don’t have to wait long for compliant fall protection for your employees.

Works with Railcars and Tanker Trucks

With SafeRack’s Mobile Access Unit, you’ll get safe access to elevated work areas that you need without having to invest in more permanent stairs or platforms. Large handrails provide comfortable and worry-free guidance for workers accessing high work surfaces, while no flat tires let MAUI roll even over rough ground. Product made in America guarantees their durability, so your company can depend on this safety measure for years to come.

• Solid, 16 inch”, “no flat” tires
• Double locking winch
• Self-supporting
• 500-pound load capacity
• Tow handle with locking brake
• 2 rail and 4 rail cages available
• Leveling jacks
• Slip-resistant walk surface
• Hot-dipped galvanized steel base

SafeRack’s portable platforms are designed with safety in mind. The ladder is available in two adjustable sizes and can be adjusted up to 10 to 14 feet or 12 to 16 feet. The added height will depend on the necessary height of pickup trucks. There are also different types: perpendicular access unit or parallel depending on maneuverability. The rolling platform base is exceptionally stable while the ladder provides a safe, easy way up and down for loading into the truck bed safely.