Bulk Chemical Loading

Ray Evans

Industry Specialist
17 Years of Experience

Crude Oil

Robert Hoge

Industry Specialist
19 Years of Experience

Flatbed Truck Loading

Pat Early

Industry Specialist
18 Years of Experience

Grounding & Monitoring

Fred Damuth

Industry Specialist
17 Years of Experience

Marine & Shipping Ports

Brian Dieffenderfer

Industry Specialist
12 Years of Experience

Natural Gas & LPG

Robert Hoge

19 Years of Experience

Pipe Lines

Chykevia Witherspoon

4 Years of Experience

Power Plants

Annette Bass

3 Years of Experience

Wastewater Treatment

Steven Dew

7 Years of Experience

Piston Valves

A piston valve is a device used to control the motion of a fluid along a tube or pipe. Brodie’s line of Positive Control Valves provides a complete set of multiple control actions and types which are based upon a consistent single design base. With a combination of pilots and solenoids, these Piston valves have multiple applications ranging from back pressure control to differential control. The valves operate on a balanced piston principle, spring biased to a closed position.

When accuracy and Repeatability count most. 

The Control Valves offered by Brodie International are self contained, balanced piston, pilot operated valves that can be configured to perform a wide variety of control functions. Whether your application is loading terminals, aircraft refueling, flow rate control, on-off control, pressure control, pump control or tank safety applications, Brodie has a control valve designed to meet your particular needs.

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