Bulk Chemical Loading

Ray Evans

Industry Specialist
17 Years of Experience

Crude Oil

Robert Hoge

Industry Specialist
19 Years of Experience

Flatbed Truck Loading

Pat Early

Industry Specialist
18 Years of Experience

Grounding & Monitoring

Fred Damuth

Industry Specialist
17 Years of Experience

Marine & Shipping Ports

Brian Dieffenderfer

Industry Specialist
12 Years of Experience

Natural Gas & LPG

Robert Hoge

19 Years of Experience

Pipe Lines

Chykevia Witherspoon

4 Years of Experience

Power Plants

Annette Bass

3 Years of Experience

Wastewater Treatment

Steven Dew

7 Years of Experience

Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters

Flow Meters are core to many of the liquid transfer and loading arm systems that we design such as metering skids, loading skids, offloading skids, additive injection and blending skids. SafeRack builds solutions using a broad range of meter manufacturers and technologies, but when it comes to custody transfer of petroleum products our main supplier is Brodie International.

When accuracy and Repeatability count most. 

Custody transfer is the core application for Flow Meters and solves the complex accounting issues resulting from joint ownership of assets mandating extremely accurate and repeatable measurements for true allocation of revenues and costs between participating entities.

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