Bulk Chemical Loading

Ray Evans

Industry Specialist
17 Years of Experience

Crude Oil

Robert Hoge

Industry Specialist
19 Years of Experience

Food & Pharma.

Nina Fields

4 Years of Experience

General Industrial

Samantha Harley

5 Years of Experience

Mining & Minerals

Isaac Brunson

8 Years of Experience

Natural Gas & LPG

Robert Hoge

19 Years of Experience

Pulp & Paper

Melissa Singletary

5 Years of Experience

Wastewater Treatment

Steven Dew

7 Years of Experience

Quick Connect/Disconnect Systems

Protect Your Employees and the Environment. For hazardous materials, extreme pressures or temperatures, it’s important to have fittings designed to withstand tough conditions. SafeRack’s line of emergency breakaways, couplers and adaptors do just that. And they all use innovative technology that improves performance and safety.

Our quick connect and disconnect systems help improve worker safety by removing the risk of spills during the loading and unloading process. And we offer solutions from the brands that lead the way in fluid handling safety, such as OPW, TODO and Emco Wheaton. With our complete line of connections, including the Kamlok and Autolok systems, SafeRack provides you with high-performance equipment to meet the needs of virtually any liquid transfer operation.

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