Pipeline Maintenance – ErectaStep Access Platform Installation

Quick install with precast concrete pads

Pipeline Maintenance Access Platform

Another successful ErectaStep pipeline maintenance platform.

“It works, it fits and I get it fast” 
By Gulf Coast Pipeline Services, the company installing this project.

Erectastep’s industrial metal stairs configured to access pipeline valves and provides OSHA compliant access without custom fabrication. Because ErectaStep’s patented design uses 5 standardized modular components, these components can be configured for any application and are always in stock and ready to ship. In stock metal components and use of our precast concrete pads, ErectaStep metal stair and access platforms can be installed in days, not weeks. Additionally, concrete pads only require a shallow dig if at all and eliminate dig approvals. Installation can be field fit with no special tools – Once the concrete pads are in place, installs with a shovel, tape measure, and a level.

ErectaStep pipeline maintenance installation by Gulf Coast Pipeline Services, a company that specializes in pipeline and construction maintenance.

Having worked on over thousands of miles of pipeline, they have the capabilities and personnel to modify or overhaul pipelines of any size and specializing in pipeline maintenance, construction, and repairs.
ErectaStep metal stairs can be installed for routine valve maintenance, repair or replacement.