Drive Over Spill Containment

Ground Level Drive Over Spill Containment for a Fuel Loading Station.

Spill Containment for a Fuel Loading Station

A Drive over spill containment system for a loading station is a proactive approach way of doing business. If your company has a fuel, oil, or chemical depot; then an installed ground level containment system is the kind of SPCC compliance that brings peace of mind.

A Drive Over Spill Containment Solution is Always On Duty.

 There are two ways to attack incidental fuel spills, Reactive, and Proactive. Waiting for a spill to happen and then initiating the clean up is reactive. A proactive approach to fuel spills means deploying containment equipment where you need it most; at the fuel transfer point where it contains spills automatically in the background.

The Spill Containment Loading Station that you see here is a perfect transfer point with a passive containment system installed on the deck.

Immediate containment of accidental spillage is automatic and in a can’t miss fashion.

The containment station is durable enough to handle all vehicles, including military fuelers, aircraft, and other refuelers. The expandable versatility of this system cannot be beat. Some of the benefits include

  • Preparing an installation site easy.
  • Containment pads install easily for immediate use.
  • Containment pads are non-porous.
  • This system can handle any fleet vehicle size, including oversized military loaders.
  • Drive Overs systems offer peace of mind because of SPCC compliance.
  • The pads are designed to separate chemicals or oils from water.
  • The replaceable absorbent pads can switch out with ease. 

SafeRack has many spill containment solutions.

Whether you need an on the spot containment solution or an installed passive system like this drive over, SafeRack has you covered with a staff of containment advisors. An installment plan for your site is easy to get started. Call the SafeRack experts today and have a Drive Over Spill Containment System put in place at your depot.