Spill Containment Pad with Wall

A fuel spill containment pad with a barrier wall. Used when unloading / loading fuel trucks.

Spill Containment Pad with Wall

Why not contain accidental leaks right as they happen? It makes sense.

A Spill Containment Pad with a built-in berm or wall is a Drive On spill containment system for companies that transfer fuels, oils or chemicals from carrier trucks. The beauty of “Drive On” containment systems like this one is that any accidental discharge is captured and contained automatically into the pad. The wall around the edges of the system is a barrier that prevents large spills from spreading. A can’t miss approach like a spill containment system should be in every company SPCC plan filed with the EPA.

A Drive On Spill Containment System is your companies best weapon in the spill containment arsenal.

Modular construction used in this system allows designs of spill containment areas to handle any size or type of fleet fuel vehicles.

If your company transfers oils, fuels, or chemicals, then a drive on spill containment system makes sense.

This kind of system offers a can’t miss spill solution. Polymer-coated foam support blocks provide the containment sidewall structure. The light but strong barrier blocks can be driven over frequently without damaging the blocks or the pad. Other great features include…

  • Easy site preparation.
  • No expensive, invasive excavation required.
  • Quick installation for immediate use.
  • The pad is safely non-porous.
  • Superb chemical resistance.
  • This system can be designed and installed for any size vehicle.
  • A drive on spill containment system meets the SPCC – Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Act requirements.

Furthermore, this kind of aggressive containment measure in your facility can save your company a lot of money if an incidental spill should happen.

EPA Spill Violation Fines can add up rapidly.

The EPA can fine a company for each day an unintentional discharge is not addressed, and the assessed fines can be substantial.

The current 2019 EPA Clean Water Act that covers oil and hazardous substance discharges allows the EPA to issue violations up to $47,357 per day, per violation (up from $46,192).

Hopefully, your company has an above-average containment plan in place.

SafeRack can assist your company with site planning and implementation of a state of the art drive on containment system for trucks.

Putting this “cannot miss” spill solution in your depot is one of the best proactive spill containment measures a company can take.

Planning for the unexpected is required these days. Is your company ready? Call the Experts at Saferack today!