NGL fractionation loading terminal

Railcar NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal

McPherson, Kansas
NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal
SafeRack gangways, loading arms, and Hemco pivot mounts retrofit
Oneok, Natural Gas Liquids Segment
NGL components

Installation of SafeRack Gangways at a Kansas NGL Fractionation Loading Terminal.

Oneok’s Natural Gas Liquids segment owns and operates facilities that gather, fractionate, treat and distribute NGLs and store NGL products, primarily in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico and the Rocky Mountain region, which includes the Williston, Powder River and DJ Basins, where we provide midstream services to producers of NGLs and deliver those products to the two primary market centers, one in the Mid-Continent in Conway, Kansas, and the other in the Gulf Coast in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

They own or have an ownership interest in FERC-regulated natural gas liquids gathering and distribution pipelines in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado, and terminal and storage facilities in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. We also own FERC-regulated natural gas liquids distribution pipelines in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana that connect our Mid-Continent assets with Midwest markets, including Chicago, Illinois. A portion of our ONEOK North System transports refined petroleum products, including unleaded gasoline and diesel, from Kansas to Iowa.

The majority of the pipeline-connected natural gas processing plants in Oklahoma, Kansas and the Texas Panhandle are connected to our natural gas liquids gathering systems. We own and operate truck- and rail-loading and -unloading facilities connected to our natural gas liquids fractionation and pipeline assets.

Most natural gas produced at the wellhead contains a mixture of NGL components, such as ethane, propane, iso-butane, normal butane and natural gasoline. The NGLs that are separated from the natural gas stream at natural gas processing plants remain in a mixed, unfractionated form until they are gathered, primarily by pipeline, and delivered to fractionators where the NGLs are separated into NGL products. These NGL products are then stored