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A Regional Hospital Steps Up to Safety

Few people understand the consequences of work-related injuries better than the health care professionals who treat them. Seeing firsthand the effects of job site slips, trips, and falls makes it immediately clear that safety should always be a top priority. That’s why the management at a large Springfield hospital takes every measure necessary to protect the livelihood of their employees.

Its director of facilities is tasked with assessing the safety of the hospital’s maintenance areas. And during one of his inspections, he came across a very unsafe situation: a raised emergency generator fuel tank housed approximately four feet in the air.

The generator was located on a raised platform, so accessing it would require a climb up a set of treacherous—and certainly not OSHA-compliant— metal steps each and every time. To make the situation even more dangerous, the generator and work platform were located outside, so the stairs accumulated ice during the colder months, making falls even more likely.

The facilities director and his staff created a list of what they needed from a new safety system. At the top of the list was weather resistance—they wanted something that would easily withstand the rough Northeast winters. They also agreed that their new system should be cost-effective, easy to install, and compliant with current safety codes. Hospital management began actively researching to find the best option that would satisfy all their requirements.


After researching available safety options, the director and his team concluded that an ErectaStep solution was the clear winner. The hospital’s management was impressed with the fact that ErectaStep products are constructed using ice- and rust-proof materials. This means the tread on each step and platform surface makes it ideal for any outdoor application. And every ErectaStep safety solution is completely OSHA-compliant, so the hospital could rest easy knowing that their new access platform was crafted to satisfy the most stringent safety codes.

In addition to weather resistance and OSHA compliance, the ErectaStep safety system offered several benefits that were unavailable from any other product or provider. Installation was simple and allowed the hospital to avoid the steep price of a custom installation. In fact, the crew was able to finish the installation within 24 hours using little more than a wrench.

Ordering their new access platform was also quicker and simpler than the hospital anticipated. The knowledgeable representatives at ErectaStep were able to deliver a quote and a complete design within 24 hours.


  • Quick Installation Required Minimal Tools
  • Virtually Instant OSHA Compliance
  • Heavy-Duty, Weather-Proof Materials