Roxul has SafeRack Install a Safe Flatbed Overhead Tarping System

Roxul had to stop flatbed loading because of onsite safety issues. SafeRack came in and designed a custom platform for them to ensure that Roxul’s workers are completely safe while working at a height of 13 feet. Roxul has started loading flatbeds once again but with more safe and secure system in place and they are completely satisfied and thriving.

This video demonstrates just one example of how SafeRack has increased safety and productivity for businesses like Roxul. By focusing on the needs of Roxul, we’ve developed a unique product, useful in countless applications and industries. Our goal at SafeRack is to increase your employees’ safety and productivity.

More on SafeRack’s Flatbed Overhead Tarping System

Regardless of where you’re located, our experts can help your operation achieve a high level of safety and improved productivity. We will visit your site to analyze the type of work done on the flatbeds, including understanding how the flatbed truck is loaded, the type of load and what the operator typically does on top of the truck or load. After that, we’ll present you with a solution that will ensure your compliance and—more importantly—your workers’ safety.

Flatbed Overhead Tarping System Illustration

[Video Transcription] We are heading to Roxul to check out the tarping system we just installed for flatbed tarping.

Here at Roxul we produce insulation. To make it the simplified version, we take rocks, melt them and we produce our insulation. We have different types of insulations that we deal with. We have a retail field, the commercial, we have industrial and our roofing or market.

Roxul looks at safety… our employees are our number one asset to have. You need to have employees safe so it is a top priority to have a safe work environment.

About three years ago, we had an issue with safety. With these flatbeds putting tarps on the flatbeds. Problem is we used to do it outside for one and the guys would have to climb up on these flatbeds which are five feet off the ground plus on top of the product which is another eight feet they’d be 13 feet off the ground trying to put these tarps on that are 24 feet long. They become a big sail, you’d be holding it, the wind picks up and just a big sail out there while they’re up 13 feet in the air. You can’t have that. That was just unsafe condition to have, to put anybody in that position.

So we had to stop doing any of our flatbeds any of this loading at all which is a big part of our market which is the roof board, we just couldn’t do it.

So what they did is come to us, they researched us on the internet, found us and asked us to come up with a design that would alleviate the people having to get on tops of these truckloads and tarp all these loads safely. Basically, you’ll come in within flatbed. They will shut the doors so that the environment, all of the wind is taken out of the equation but then they hook it up, the tarp is up, use your pendant control to pick it up and over, with pendant we will put it back down and snap it and then you can strap your load safely. Pull it out and continue the process with the next truck.

When one of these flatbeds came in, it would take us two and a half hours to load up; very unproductive and very unsafe. But now we can take that tarp and we can have it hooked up with straps on it within 15 minutes from the start to the end of it.

It’s been a great time saver and also great for safety. I really enjoyed working with SafeRack right from the start when we first met Kenny. Kenny came up here to talk to us about systems and right from the get-go he knew what we needed. He said I got a great system that we’re developing that would be perfect for you and right from there, right from day one he was right on the on the ball with everything. So we’re really excited about the roofing business because we can now service our customer and you know that’s a big thing in any businesses to service your customer and do it in a safe manner and that’s what we’ve done.