SafeRack G4 Unit Gangways – Part 1 of 2

Truck and railcar gangways and bridges have been engineered for durability and ease of use. These access gangways are built to stand up to abuse with rugged, oversized parts and feature counterbalanced and adjustable springs which help raise and lower the units with minimal effort. Whether you choose galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum gangway, the design and construction of the G4Series will keep your operation running smoothly.

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Video Transcript

The idea of a gangway goes back over 50 years of customers who came aware that there are safety issues as it related to going up the sides of the tank trucks and rail cars when they were loading or unloading chemicals or dry products the gangway itself was just a means to get from a fixed platform to the rail car or the truck, and safety cages and fall protection followed several decades later.

The G4 design addresses many problems that our customers have come to us with to solve, problems such as safety, ergonomics, maintenance, longevity of the gang way and engineering design of the gangway.

the SafeRack gangway is the result of us looking at the population to gangways in the field, asking what are all the problems that our customers face and here’s what the solutions as we see them.

Problem #1 – hard to lift and lower.
The biggest issues with gangways is the raising and lower end of the gangway. Very difficult to raise very difficult to lower and often doesn’t have a nice counterbalance system to it if you get it in motion. If you let it go, it’ll fall and cause the whole rack to rattle.

There’s typically no handles to grab so when they’re letting the unit down, it will drop it down to the top of the truck and it’s just it’s a lot harder to move down and and well as move back up. You can see you push this down it’ll come back up but then we’ve lost the spring so it’s that point I’m trying to battle lifting this up.

The difference between a SafeRack and a lesser gangway that one of our competitors may offer, is the ease of operation and the safety that we put in place that you’re not going to find any other product out there that’s going to operate as easily as a SafeRack. It doesn’t matter if you have women on the job site or an older gentleman.

Problem #2 – Shaky Gangway Design
Not putting bushings in a gangway and not machining pivot points, the consequences of that includes wobbly handrails, shaky gangways and undependable operation of the gangway over all. SafeRack Gangways work a lot easier than the others and are a lot lighter and easier to control. Normally when the gangways just bolting galvanized bolts through a galvanized pipe or tube, it’s going to waller itself out. with SafeRack gangways, we put a lot of time in engineering the bushings and spacers that go into our product creating smooth gangway operation.

Overall we’re making a product that will last longer and the cost of ownership will be lower for a customer for years to come. It might cost a few dollars more to begin with, but when they don’t have to maintain it when the operators feel safer when it’s easier to lift and lower. Down the road they’re going to be able to focus on what it is that they do for a living which is make chemicals or make whatever product it is that they make they’re not going to have to worry about
does this game way work or not