Renewable Diesel

SafeRack Keeps Pace as Renewable Diesel Emerges

As the transportation industry changes, so do we

As the transportation industry prepares to meet the demands of National Ambient Air Quality Standards and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decade, renewable diesel (RD) is proving to be a viable alternative to conventional diesel for heavy-duty vehicles. In the U.S., nearly 7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases are emitted each year. Not surprisingly, the transportation industry is responsible for over 28% of them. As the government introduces stricter regulations, global demand for cleaner fuels continues to rise. As production and investment opportunities increase, SafeRack is positioned to keep pace as the transportation industry adapts.

RD is a direct substitute for conventional diesel produced from the hydroprocessing of renewable feedstock such as vegetable oil, animal fat, or even biomass such as wood or agricultural waste. According to a Dec. 2018 article by Lauren Fletcher at Work Truck Magazine, “Due to the purity of the process renewable diesel is a purer fuel, therefore performs better, with a lower CO2 footprint and better tailpipe emissions than petroleum diesel.”

While west coast states such as California, Oregon, and Washington are already embracing RD and setting aggressive goals to displace conventional diesel with more sustainable alternatives, a lack of cost-competitive production is keeping the price tag high for now. In a Jan. 2017 article by J. Leonard and P. Couch of GNA reported that “By 2031 it’s expected that approximately one billion RD gallons per year could be needed in California alone.” And SafeRack is ready. Our company was built with an ethos of flexibility and efficient delivery. With innovative technology and highly skilled knowledgable engineers and technicians, we are prepared to meet the growing demands of the renewable diesel industry. Have questions? We’re here to help.