SafeRack Loading Platforms

Saferack truck and railcar loading platforms, gangways and loading arms.

When it comes to safety, no compromise should be made. The loading platforms built by SafeRack are not only safe but are most efficient in the entire gulf region. The speed and safety is what makes SafeRack stand out. SafeRack team strives for perfection and customer satisfaction, so they collaborate with the customer to make sure that the customer gets exactly what he needs.

[Transcription] SafeRack uses the latest advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure quality product with years of low maintenance operation. Take a look at this. 

Today this has been a good experience to see how the rack works. It’s more than I expected. So our complete team has been involved with the Kinder Morgan team, the Watco team as well as the engineering team to make sure that all the components will come together, make sure they’re going to work efficiently for the operators. 

This crew by rail movement is something that’s really new, that’s been only around for about three years. Tivoli crude oil was transported by either a pipeline or a barge and the Bakken oilfield North Dakota is really where the crude oil by rail started. So SafeRack was fortunate enough to be building the first system out there as we continue to build systems up in North Dakota. Now we need to build unload systems all across the U.S. 

That’s engineering, procurement and construction. So whenever we go in it’s not just about providing the rack and the gangways, we try to work with the client to do as much or as little as they want us to do. We actually try to exceed the customers’ expectations. We’ve used our proprietary technology to model this in the design, make sure everything is going to work before we actually start filling the first piece of steel. 

The engineering is  really the hardest part; trying to make sure everything’s going to work upfront, understand the client’s needs, understand the restrictions, the guidelines we get from the railroad from their downstream customer. 

This particular project was all outsourced so we have engineers that are strategically placed all over the United States. SafeRack worked with these guys. 

Once we get all those parameters established, then we can go out start designing our system and also procuring the materials we’re going to need. 

There was a constant communication between SafeRack and these folks to make sure that what you’re designing for the remainder of the project, [unclear – 01:58] SafeRack and why we had the product we have out here. 

The Rack itself, we got the continuous walkway where we have on the face of our platform, we put tracking gangways. This gives the gangways horizontal movement. There’s no railcar, really the same. So we have to be able to move our gangways horizontally so that the operator can safely access the top. That way they bring the rail in you don’t have to have the car in one certain spot, you can move it to try and make sure that it comes down where it needs to come down at. 

We just completed phase 1A as we call it out here, we’re going to be starting on phase 2 as you can see in the background the continuous line. It will run when we’re all finished. It’s going to be about 2,700 foot of platform on this job. When we get this finished we’ll be able to unload 70 rail cars at a time of the crude oil. 

To successfully put together a crude by rail terminal of course, it’s not just speed to mark with the new terminal but it’s also making sure that your terminal has the ability to quickly turn cars because railcar utilization, cost of rail cars and how quickly you can turn them through a rack is a critical economic component of these deals. One of the things that’s really impress us about SafeRack is their alignment with the project. We’ve been impressed with SafeRack’s attendance, weekly production calls to understand the complexities of the project that aren’t necessarily related to their deliverable but in some regard, it impacts the overall project. 

After we are done and we start walking the project with operations, oops by the way we need the walkway right here to access this valve or we need this right here to go over this berm and the good thing about SafeRack system is, they’re able to go out on site, physically look on the stuff in the field, they can measure it right there, put it on paper or iPad, give me a bill of material, give me a price on this spot take out the middleman and we can have this stuff turn around quickly. 

The number one concern we have is safety and in addition to that we really wanted to consider the idea of speed. This facility will be unique in its ability to handle more barrels than any other facility in the Gulf region. So the SafeRack Design really allows us to assure safety and accomplish the speed that we promise to our customers. 

We strive for perfection, we like to know that when we commit to a customer that it will be on time. They can meet their start date so we can actually do that. Design and [unclear – 04:25] going to be safe that their operators really like running. We want to make sure that when they see it, they say yeah this is the SafeRack. 

So there you have it. If you need a loading platform on time and on budget, contact us today.