SafeRack SAS Marine Gangway installation Coronado California

Marine Gangway installation at a Navy Base in Coronado, California.

Marine Gangway - Coronado, CA

This is SafeRack’s MarinaStep SAS Gangway dock installation at a naval base in Coronado. Available in lengths from 5 to 24 feet, the Self-Adjusting Stair Gangway (SAS) marine gangway is a perfect solution to reach both short and intermediate distances, providing a slip-resistant and level step for users along the entire length of the gangway.

SafeRack gangways (also known as a ship brow or accommodation ladder) are rugged and dependable, and most importantly, they need to be safe. SafeRack’s aluminum gangways for accessing vessels deliver precisely that. Advanced, corrosion-resistant aluminum marine gangways are designed for OHSA-compliant worker safety, durability, and reliability in often harsh marine environments. They are built-to-order to your required length and specifications.

A gangway is a piece of equipment to assist someone entering (embark) and departing (disembark) a boat or a ship. Technically, a gangway is similar to a ramp that’s smooth or with ridges. In boats, gangways are primarily employed by crew or passengers to enter or depart the boat and are occasionally utilized to load and unload the freight.