YellowGate – Adjustable Safety Swing Gates

YellowGate adjustable safety swing gate is a unique safety gate with Malbec tensioner for a spring, which provides higher memory and longevity to the swing gates. The gate can be opened in either direction up to 108 degrees. Moreover, the tension can also be adjusted with respect to the environment.

What good is a safety gate that won’t stay closed? That leaves your workers just as vulnerable as without a gate at all.

Simple Adjustments

YellowGate, SafeRack’s line of industrial safety gates is the most flexible product on the market. It’s able to cover openings between 16” and 36” and is field adjustable with nothing more than a wrench. Simply measure the opening, slide the gate to the desired width, tighten the adjustment bolts and you’re done. This kind of flexibility allows you to keep your facility safe, saves time, and money.

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Our customers tell us, the first thing to break on a typical swing gate is a rusty spring. So instead of a simple spring, YellowGate design uses our patent-pending Malbec Tensioner. This provides a much higher memory, keeping the gate closed and in operation longer.

Fully adjustable from 16 to 36 inches with only one part number to order, YellowGate fits virtually any opening with a universal mounting system that allows it to be installed nearly anywhere and it opens in either direction up to 108 degrees.

YellowGate’s tension is also adjustable for optimum performance in any environment. Low attention for easy entry or high tension for windy conditions. In stock and ready to ship.