Metal Modular Crossover Platforms

Spanning Nine Feet Saves Thousands of Dollars

Attune Foods, a leading natural foods company, had a problem. They didn’t have easy access to the roof of one of their buildings. Further complicating things, an adjacent structure’s roof was 5-feet lower than this building’s, and the span between the two was nine feet.

So whenever the mechanical system—or anything else on the roof, for that matter—needed to be worked on or simply checked, the company had to rent a lift for the bargain price of $400/day.

And, because the company’s headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, the rain was almost always in the forecast. Still, that $400 had to be paid regardless of what the weather decided to do.


Not long after paying yet another rental bill, the company approached their local distributor, Peterson Industrial, to see about a solution that didn’t involve any sort of scissor lift.

Peterson had just the thing: prefabricated, precision-engineered crossover stairs from ErectaStep. Not only did it answer every single problem Attune Foods had with their previous solution, but the OSHA-compliant stair platform was assembled in one afternoon, as well.


  • Lightweight and Rust-Proof
  • Infinitely Reconfigurable
  • In-Stock and Ready-to-Ship