Fuel Spill Containment System for Railroads

Galvanized Steel Track Pan

Steel Railcar Spill Track Pan

This is a modular, galvanized steel Fuel Spill Containment System for railroads. This containment system collects the incidental spills that occur during railroad fuel transfer operations.  

Keeping spills contained by proactively installing new frontline spill containment equipment or replacing older equipment keeps all the regulatory agencies happy. Is your railroad operation ready to contain incidental spillage?

SafeRack can help your facility meet SPCC requirements.

Under the strict Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) (EPA) requirements, all facilities engaged in railroad tank car loading/unloading must have a spill collection system in place if…

  1. The facility handles petroleum products and/or non-petroleum oils.
  2. The facility must have an aggregate above ground storage capacity greater than 1,320 gallons or a completely buried storage capacity higher than 42,000 gallons.
  3. There must be a reasonable expectation of a discharge into or upon navigable waters of the United States or adjoining shorelines.

Steel railcar track pans with grating can be installed to meet the SPCC and other railroad regulatory agency requirements for your facility.   

Consult with a Saferack Advisor to determine the level of spill containment your facility may need. 

There are advantages of using steel spill containment pans…

  • Steel railcar track pans have a rugged metal construction that provides higher impact resistance.
  • Steel Spill Pan Systems are designed to provide a rapid positive flow to the drain outlets.
  • The galvanized steel containment system fights the elements to resist oxidation.

Proactive spill containment installations are a weapon in the spill containment war.

Saferack is ready to advise and assist with the installation of steel containment pans in your railroad yard. If your company transfers any oils, these systems are essential. On the track, installments are less disruptive to operations when you use experts who have helped with many implementations. Saferack has worked with fuel depots, chemical companies, military facilities, and food companies that transfer oils, fuels, and chemicals.