John Edwards

John has spent the last 25 years in the global petrochemical markets with all facets of the supply chain from the well head to final consumer products. Having worked in the North, Central and South America John has gained extensive knowledge of the various markets and different processes including refineries, chemical plants, food / beverage facilities, automotive, aerospace, drilling / fracking, cement and fuel terminals to name a few. Currently, John is the Gulf Coast Business Unit Leader with responsibilities for Sales and projects in the Gulf Coast Region of the US including  TX, OK, LA, and MS as well as Mexico.

John currently resides in Florence, SC with his wife and 2 kids. He enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and watching his CLEMSON TIGERS play football.


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Quality products and good response when issues arise.

Personally, I truly appreciate customer service. Many companies have similar products, they might be cheaper, better or worse. Regardless, it is always important to know that your sales engineer cares about your and your plant. Curtis and John have visited our plant multiple times, spoken with area supervisors as well as the operators (the most important ones). They have gained trust by showing quality products and good response when issues arise.

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Curtis and John were excellent.

My product was delivered as expected and in less time than we planned. Curtis and John were excellent. They visited the plant and provided a lunch and learn to communicate effectively the company’s capabilities. By doing so, we felt more confident in using SafeRack products.

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SafeRack makes a quality product and provides great customer service.

These platforms are extremely helpful in our bulk loading processes. They’ll improve our efficiencies as well as our safety practices. The versatility of these units to be positioned parallel or perpendicular affords us a lot of flexibility. John Edwards has been excellent about explaining our options to us and qualifying our purchase beforehand to ensure it’s going to our intended application. He’s been very flexible about coming out to our locations to do so. The iPad application that provides a concept drawing of the equipment on-the-fly is a great tool for visualizing the installation. SafeRack makes a quality product and provides great customer service.