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Installed as a walkover stile to get access to other side of site over cable tray ran on a sleeper

I would recommend this solution, as lead time was non-existent and it solved an issue that wasn’t thought to be an issue until the project was almost complete. Short lead time and easy to install.

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Very fast expedited service.

It shipped to my location intact and professional appearance. It has a Very good quality look and is durable with our continued usage. The sales assistant (Samantha) was very helpful and expedited my request at a high professional level of service which I do so much appreciate and do take note of.

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Very responsive and on point.

All was a good experience. I’m a very busy person and always fixing stuff at my job. The customer service representative was super easy to deal with. [She] didn’t need tons of info and was very fast to send me quotes and also the product once ordered.

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I consider all areas to be excellent.

Every time I reach out to Molly, she is quick to respond or if needed to do a sight visit she is readily available. Molly does an excellent job of responding to our needs. I would recommend buying these products. Products are high quality and competitively priced.

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Hands down the best option.

Hands down the best option. Some say the cost is more than if you welded it yourself. To do it yourself though, you must draw up, order materials, weld out (would not be able to take apart and move), blast and paint. I think getting the product ready to assemble and set is best. The product is well made, durable, easy to assemble, extremely well coated with non-rust components.

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The product speaks for itself.

Molly was very helpful in that she came in and took measurements and placed the order as soon as she was done. She was very professional and acted quick to my needs. It is a great product – very light in weight, sturdy and it is very safe to use. The product speaks for itself. I have had great experience with the product.

5 5
As always, Molly was perfect to work with.

I would recommend SafeRack – you are always reliable. I’ve purchased this product in the past. It offers solid construction, durability and is corrosion resistant. As always, Molly was perfect to work with.

5 5
This is a great product that can be modified to solve many issues.

This is a great product that can be modified to solve many issues. I found that during the field measurement step, manway access has to be considered so supports or legs are not in the way. I appreciated the field support from Shane, who was very responsive, the pre-engineered design and the easy assembly.

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Excellent price for product received

The safety gates were delivered just a few days after the order was placed. We received excellent response from the salespeople. The gates were just what we needed for the application – lightweight, sturdy, easy to install and adjustable. Excellent price for product received. Excellent service and fast delivery.