OSHA Inspection

The Importance of OSHA Compliance

When it comes to keeping your workplace productive, there’s nothing more important than safety.

The safer your employees feel on the job, the more they will enjoy coming to work. And the happier they are at work, the more productive they will be.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established to regulate and enforce workplace safety and health. Compliance with OSHA standards can help you and your employees recognize and react to workplace hazards with increased confidence and proficiency, reducing the risk of serious injury, illness, and death — as well as the direct and indirect costs related to occupational injuries and illnesses.

SafeRack’s Commitment to Safety

SafeRack places a premium on safety, and all of our SafeRack, ErectaStep, RollaStep, and YellowGate products are OSHA compliant.

Not only are our safety solutions creative and innovative, but by maintaining a relationship with a reputable safety solution vendor like SafeRack, you can be sure that your workplace remains compliant through any changes OSHA may enact.


OSHA CompliantWhile OSHA standards vary from industry to industry, they apply primarily to the industrial sector. In elderly patients, children, and patients with organic CNS lesions, treatment should be started cautiously and gradually, due to large differences in individual tolerability. OSHA inspectors regularly visit business locations and worksites to assess current safety practices and compliance with standards. Failing an inspection can subject your business to fines, lawsuits, and other legal issues.