Aviation Work Platforms – AeroStep’s work platforms for maintenance, assembly & ground support

Mobile aviation work platforms for maintenance, assembly & ground support

AeroStep’s MP-Series - Ground Support Rolling Maintenance Platform

SafeRack’s Line of AeroStep aviation work platforms and mobile tooling stands are designed and developed with commercial aviation in mind.

aviation work platforms

AeroStep aviation work platforms are OSHA compliant and ship with standard components for quick delivery.

For rolling ground support platforms, maintenance platforms, rolling stairs, cantilever tooling platform and tooling needs, AeroStep has the solution. Whether it is aviation ground support or aircraft safety equipment, AeroStep has the solution to your access problem.

  • Customization of rolling access platforms (Engineered Solutions)
  • Mobile work platform STP file modeling
  • Tooling platforms with precision parts
  • Rolling stairs with lightweight modular design
  • Access equipment that is ergonomically friendly
  • Rolling platforms that are OSHA compliant
  • Optional FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention
  • Ground support equipment with standard components for quick delivery

mobile work platform with plane

Industry’s Best Aviation Fall Protection – Mobile Work Platforms with the Stability of Fixed Stairs.

Easy Access

AeroStep’s rolling work platforms stairs and maintenance platforms are designed for OSHA compliant access in assembly and maintenance applications, with effortless positioning, tight gap tolerances, adjustable heights and cantilevered access. Units have the highest safety standards and can be customized for even the most challenging environments.

Configurable Handrails

Removable handrails with soft bumpers options give the AeroStep aviation work platform versatility to suit almost any application. Other options include tool tray mounts and contour handrails that form any shape, such as a fuselage barrel.

Highly Mobile

Our lightweight aluminum design allows for easy platform maneuverability. The 360 degree swiveling casters with lockdowns allow the unit to be precisely positioned and firmly fixed in place for a wide variety of applications.

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) icon

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Options

All AeroStep Tooling Platforms and Stairs can be configured to defend against Foreign Object Debris.

AeroStep solutions for Aircraft Access, Aircraft Maintenance Platforms, Aviation Maintenance Platforms and Rolling Work Platforms for the Aviation Industry

AeroStep provides quality aircraft access products, rolling work platforms and aircraft maintenance platforms along with engineering and sales support for any access needs within the Aviation Industry. From new aircraft construction to maintenance of aircraft, access to working areas is a key requirement. AeroStep’s has solutions that are in stock and ready to ship.

Have a custom application or a difficult area to access?
We can customize and manufacture aviation rolling work platforms to your specifications and provides the engineering support to meet access requirements within the aviation industry.

Our engineering department has a deep understanding and knowledge designing lightweight and sturdy access solution and we can create a versatile work platform for all types of situations and determining the best product to fit your unique needs.

We help you engineer more efficient OSHA compliant mobile work platforms to improve the production and efficiency of maintaining your aircraft.

Commercial Aviation Platforms

Quality commercial aircraft work platforms are one of the most important assets in any aviation and assembly and maintenance facility. Not only do they provide workers safe access as required by OSHA, but a good platform can also increase efficiency and protect the multi-million dollar vehicle.

AeroStep’s mobile aviation work platforms are heavy gauge aluminum with durable powder-coated surfaces. Some of our equipment includes.

Daily Maintenance Platforms
Regular maintenance and inspections are an ongoing process. You need to have an aircraft platform that will be flexible enough to work in various situations, yet also be able to provide crew access to multiple workers at times. A daily maintenance platform needs to be stable and durable, while lightweight and maneuverable enough to go just about anywhere effortlessly.

Our MP-Series mobile plaform is designed for light maintenance duties and regular inspections with many configurations for whatever type of application that’s both maneuverable and sturdy.

Wrap-Around Aircraft Platforms
Most of the platforms that are currently available in this category are designed for in-hangar use. They can be erected quickly and dismantled effectively when the job is completed so you can focus more of your time on what you do best.
This is the type of platform needed when your team will be working on the entire aircraft or rotor craft. These commercial aircraft platforms do what their title implies – they provide complete access to the aircraft or rotor craft by wrapping around each section. The benefit this type of platform provides is the on-board air and electrical services that are available at key location points. This makes maintenance crews more effective because they have everything they need to get their job done right there on the platform.

Section Specific Commercial Aircraft Platforms
Maybe you don’t need to wrap an entire aircraft or rotorcraft with a platform. Maybe you just need to work on the tail section of an aircraft. In that instance, a section specific commercial aircraft platform makes more sense. Each section of the aircraft can have its own specific platform, including the nose, the fuselage, or the landing gear and brake assembly.

Our platforms are suitable for use outdoors as well as in the hangar. Look for quality features like locking stairs and high-quality wheel brakes to achieve a sturdy working environment. Whether a wrap-around platform and platform with a little extra portability for servicing similar aircraft or rotorcraft AeroStep can create and customize any solution you need.

Custom Commercial Aircraft Platforms
Sometimes an aircraft-specific platform just isn’t what you need. You may need something more permanent than a daily use maintenance platform, but still, need the platform to be flexible enough that it could be used every day if called upon. our custom platforms meet or exceed OSHA and government safety standards with the same lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials used to give your platform the strong backbone a modern maintenance crew requires. We’ve even designed platforms for the aerospace industry for space capsules.