LPG Loading Rack with Bullhorn Style Top Loading Arms

30 spot LPG Loading Rack w/ Bullhorn Style Top Loading Arms

Bullhorn Style Top Loading Arms

This is a two-sided 30 spot (15 spots per side) LPG railcar loading rack with bullhorn style top loading arms.

The Bullhorn loading arm

The Bullhorn loading arm is commonly used on pressurized top loading applications. Having a tee at the end with two vertical drop tubes allows for a dual product connection using a single loading arm. The tee is what gives it the bullhorn appearance. A single swivel at the inlet and a spring balanced double swivel at the base provides extreme flexibility and reach when positioning and achieve a longer reach while minimizing the spring balanced section of arm. Two additional swivels at the bullhead tee section ensure the drop tubes stay vertical.

As with all our SafeRack loading arm solutions, they’re available in Right Hand or Left Hand, Up Feed, or Down Feed and Horizontal Feed Loading configurations.


Application: Loading and unloading of railcars
Design: Supported Boom, High pressure, 2 LPG connections and 1 vapor connection. Vapor connection can be used to displace product for top unloading.
Balancing System: Spring Cylinder. (low maintenance, easy to adjust, smooth movement)
Vapour Recovery: Piggyback hose runs along the arm so all connection points are reached with ease. Separate vapor arm also available.
Connections: TODO Dry-Break Couplers, threaded.

Bullhorn loading arm accessories and options include

  • Emergency Breakaways
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Grounding/Bonding
  • Steam Jacket
  • Pneumatic Balance
  • Hydraulic Balance
  • Quick Disconnects and Adapters
  • Handle on Drop Tube
  • Lockdown Device
  • Drop Hose

SafeRack is not only the largest supplier of truck loading platforms and railcar loading systems in North America but also the largest loading arm distributor for both OPW and Emco Wheaton. Loading arm projects go faster and more smoothly with SafeRack because we coordinate with pipe, electrical and civil engineers to help resolve any variables with vehicles. In addition, SafeRack offers the most extensive selection of swivel joints for the most challenging liquid handling applications. Simply put, your railcar loading systems are more productive with SafeRack.


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