Top loading gangway and Emco Wheaton loading-arm Installation

SafeRack loading gangway installation with an Emco Wheaton top loading-arm

Top loading gangway loading-arm

SafeRack is a top supplier of truck loading platforms and railcar systems in North America, but we’re also the leading distributor for both OPW and Emco Wheaton loading arms. Projects go much smoother with us because our engineering team coordinates on variables that come up – like what type or size vehicle will be used? Our extensive selection ensures you can find just what your application needs whether it’s difficult liquid handling applications at high capacities where swivel joints are most needed.

SafeRack’s experienced loading arms experts are always available to help you design the perfect swing arm. With over 15 years of experience, they’ll walk you through every step from dimensions and material selection all the way up until delivery time so that no detail gets overlooked.

Designed for ease of operation and handling, each loading arm creates a faster safer loading process. The rugged construction will make downtime or maintenance issues virtually non-existent because it’s built to last like your business! SafeRack has the experience needed in navigation complexities when coordinating gangways with fall protection systems as well vehicle variables. By providing options such as overfill protection, vapor recovery, tracking, and insulation SafeRack helps customers meet any requirement or regulation.

Top Loading ArmsTop loading is the most efficient, safest, and cost-effective method of loading/unloading in many situations.

A properly designed top-loading system should have a sufficient horizontal range to reach the farthest compartment without re-spotting, and have enough vertical movement and length for various vehicles heights. By using components, such as vapor plates, tapered hatch plugs, and inflatable hatch seals, top-loading systems can be used in tight-fill and vapor recovery applications.

By using a wide range of specialty valves, fittings, and instrumentation, SafeRack can provide you with the most effective loading/unloading top-loading arm systems to safely and efficiently handle the needs for your application.