Truck SafeRack System – Nalco Chooses SafeRack Truck Loading Racks

Nalco chose SafeRack to build its platform gangway because the solutions provided by SafeRack are out of box and actually work. SafeRack built the platform gangway and cage for proper loading and unloading from the tank trucks and iso containers. These platforms are safe and secure and the workers actually focus on their job now instead of worrying about their safety.

Today we’re in Bedford Park, Illinois with Nalco. They’re a chemical company in the Chicagoland area and we’re here to install several railcar systems to get on top of rail cars for loading and unloading. 

Nalco is a specialty chemical company that specializes in water treatment applications one way or the other. Being specialty chemicals, we make a lot of different products. We also make a lot of different packages. So we shift anything out from railcar to 5-gallon pills and we do a lot of our shipping going in trucks. 

We analyze all the spots that we don’t currently have the proper unloading facilities and we decided that we needed to upgrade all of them at once. 

SafeRack’s white glove delivery is where we want to be able to help the customer with the design of their system as well as installation and delivery of the system.  

It was offered by SafeRack, the installation was complete package, it’s better for us when we could read blueprints but it’s much easier for the SafeRack people to put these together since they have already done it before and they know how to do it and I’m sure they’re much quicker at it than we are. 

Years’ experience installing hundreds of these systems around the country has given us a distinct advantage over the individual plant trying to assemble them or contractors. 

With our standard SafeRack system for rail cars what we had is a 12 foot high platform with the flat ramp gangway and telescopic extension which allowed us to handle different sized crash boxes, but we also had a safety cage on there. It’s only 12 inches deep, it fits over the crash box at the car and it allows us on those systems to have 42 inches from our top rail down to the walk surface on the car. And so we just designed those to work with all the variations of crash boxes that would come in at a certain site as well as the different heights of the cars whether it’s 11 foot 6 tall, or 13’1″. It’s designed to hit nicely on top of the crash box. 

We looked at a number of different companies and a number of different methods of doing things like I said, the safe rack method with the safety cage and everything is by far the best. Someone doesn’t have to actually decide to perform a job safely. 

It’s been a good experience, I mean they picked the absolute coldest time of the year like today it was 4 degrees out and they’re assembling racks so that’s probably good that we haven’t done [doing] instead of us.