Ultra Containment Berm Comparison

There is a wide variety of Ultra Containment berms available that can hold spill containment from drums to frack tanks. The build quality of each berm is premium and each berm has its unique features and advantages.

[Transcript] Ultra Containment berms provide versatile spill containment for vehicles, drums, IBC’s, totes, frack tanks and other containers and vessels that would otherwise not have a good containment option. There are eight different spill containment berm models to choose from each offering its own unique advantage. The purpose of this video is to compare each model to help you choose which one would work best in your application. The one unique feature that is different from model to model of Ultra Containment berm is the way in which the sidewalls raise or lower to allow vehicles and equipment in or out. 

The collapsible wall model spill containment berm features rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support. The feet of the assemblies are swivel to lower or raise the sidewalls in just seconds. 

The stake wall model uses flexible urethane stakes to provide structure for the berms sidewalls. This model provides true drive in and drive out capability as the stakes flex in or out to allow traffic into or out of the berm. The ultimate model takes the best of both worlds of the collapsible wall model and the stake wall model and combines them. By using the PVC sidewall Assemblies of the collapsible wall model and the flexible stakes of the stake wall model the ultimate model provides true drive in and drive out capability at a more economical cost. 

The foam wall model uses blocks of foam typically 2 or 4 inches high to provide structure for the sidewalls. The foam compresses under the weight of vehicles or equipment and springs back once the weight is lifted. 

The rapid rise model is unique as it relies on the foam in the top perimeter to raise the sidewalls in the event of a spill. The advantage to this is that during day-to-day operations, the sidewalls stay down and out of the way.