Ultra Containment Berm Stake Wall

The Ultra Containment berm stake wall model is a tough and sturdy, portable containment unit that is able to capture drips and leaks from a variety of sources effectively. The EPA and SPCC compliant containment berm is easy to set up and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Available in a variety of standard sizes, this containment berm is one of a kind solution for spill containment at places that are difficult to maintain and where the vehicles drive in and out constantly.

[Transcription] The Ultra Containment berm stake wall model, is a portable containment unit to help capture leaks, drips and spills and prevent them from polluting and contaminating the environment. 

Other than initial opening and placement, the stake wall model requires no setup making it perfect for spill response and spill containment. Once it is rolled out and placed in the appropriate location, it is ready to go. There’s nothing further to do; nothing to assemble, nothing to inflate, no supports or brackets to put into place. 

Flexible polyurethane stakes or living hinges line each of the walls and provide the rigid structure needed to keep the walls upright. When it’s time to load up, the heavy duty but flexible stakes will Bend under the weight of vehicles or equipment allowing them to enter or exit. Once the wheels have cleared the wall, the stakes flex back into place once again providing the support and structure necessary to capture any spills that may occur. Ultra containment berms help comply with EPA container storage regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements. 

They are available at many standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.