Ultra Hard Top P4

The Ultra Hard Top P4 is an effective solution for storing spill containment indoors or outdoors. The unit is capable of storing 4 drums at a time along with the optional heavy duty wooden or steel ramp. The doors are partially and fully removable making the insides of unit easily accessible.

[Transcription] The Ultra Hard Top P4 spill palette provides safe and effective secondary containment for up to four drums. The polyethylene unit can be used indoors or out, providing protection against dirt dust sun and inclement weather. Going style doors on either side allow easy access to all four drums.

The heavy duty steel cover lifts assembly allows the unit to be kept in the open position for easy access to the drums inside. A low-profile, 11 and three-quarter inch height, keeps drums at a safer level for pouring and dispensing. The optional heavy duty loading ramp quickly clips on to the side of the pallet allowing drums to be loaded or unloaded without the use of forklifts or other heavy equipment.

Pins on either side of the unit can be quickly removed allowing the hard top to be pushed back and providing for completely unobstructed access to the drums inside.

Removable grading allows for quick and easy access for cleanup or inspection. The Ultra hard top P4 is portable and can be moved using a pallet jack or forklift. Unauthorized access can be prevented by placing a standard padlock through the cover lift assembly, on either side of the unit.