Urea Loading Platform

Lightning Fast Urea Loading – This SafeRack loading platform, with 6” OPW top loading arms is capable of bulk loading 5,000 gallons of urea ammonium nitrate in under 4 minutes. Located at a Northern California fertilizer facility, this 2-spot loading platform increases throughput without sacrificing safety. Installation includes two SafeRack gangways, safety cages, and OPW top loading arms.

Lightning Fast Urea Loading Platform

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In the United States, Urea is transported via rail, truck, and barge. It is typically a splash loading operation when loaded into trucks or railcars via loading arms. The installation pictured has 6″ OPW top loading arms. Urea itself does not pose an inhalation hazard. However, decomposition of Urea may produce nitrogen oxide and ammonia vapor, so operator diligence of vapors must be observed. Vapor recovery, while not required, should be considered while operators are on top of the vehicles during the loading process to further increase the level of safety during the loading/unloading process.


A-Frame Loading ArmUREA is not a hazardous product, but it is corrosive to zinc, copper, brass, bronze, and iron. Aluminum and carbon steel are less susceptible, but stainless steel is the widely accepted material of choice for loading systems. Couple the arm with PTFE or Chemraz seals and you have a good combination of corrosion-resistant materials that will hold up to the rigors of UREA loading.

UREA is generally not considered an inhalation hazard. Therefore, vapor recovery is not mandated but recommended in facilities in close proximity to populated areas.


track gangway sfr safety cage

A wider access gangway (36″-48″ is preferable) as it helps improve access and egress to and from the vessel. In addition, a wider gangway will reduce the risk of the operator’s PPE getting caught, torn, or damaged, and will improve productivity and safety.

For railcars, gangways are fitted with a two-rail safety cage for the railcarcrash box. This will be a centered 6’x6’ safety cage to sit directly over the cashbox. This will provide a safe, secure work environment for your operator when connected to their breathing apparatus

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Urea Loading Platform

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