Waste Collector Systems – Ultra Hard Top P1 Plus

Ultra Hard Top P1 Plus provides enough space to hold 70 gallons of spill. SPCC, EPA, NPDES compliant – the Ultra Hard Top P1 Plus is a two piece tough and rugged outdoor storage unit which can be handled by one person easily due to its lightweight. In addition to its spacious and effective spill containment capabilities, the Ultra Hard Top P1 Plus also provides security against the unauthorized use with its standard padlocks. An optional drain plug is also available which will save you a lot of time and effort by making removal of spilled contents swift and easy.

The Ultra Hardtop P1 plus is a one drum outdoor storage unit for 55-gallon drums. This 70 gallon sump provides enough spill containment to meet SPCC, EPA and NPDES regulations. The two-piece unit is lightweight enough for one person to handle but rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The top portion of the unit provides enough space for drum top funnels and pumps to be used. [Music] The convenient and easy to use roll-top door makes the ultra hardtop P1 plus, an ideal dispensing station.

The unit can be secured with standard padlocks to prevent unauthorized access. An optional drain plug is available to make removal of spilled contents quick and easy. [Music]