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The only thing stronger than our products is our word. And our word—our promise—is that we will never cut corners when it comes to our products or our relationship with you. That means designing solutions that keep your people safer and more productive. It means doing everything in our power to provide you with the tools and expertise to make your life easier.

We do that by continuously searching for the latest technology, by pushing ourselves to make the best even better, by never settling. It's why we hold so many patents, why our products can be found across the globe and why many of our customers are customers for life.

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Customer Satisfaction

SafeRack has become the industry leader in customer service because no one works harder—day in and day out—to meet their customers' needs.

  • Responsive & Accountable - If you have questions or problems that need solving, you don't just get an email; you get a real person ready to help.
  • Fast Quoting Process - With advanced technology you can often see a simulation of your equipment with drawings and a quote in minutes, not weeks.
  • 100% Committed - The entire SafeRack staff—from sales, customer service, engineering and manufacturing—exists to serve our customers' needs.
  • Unrivaled Experience - From new construction to complex retrofits, SafeRack brings decades of experience to the table, which informs our solutions and, ultimately, gives you peace of mind.

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Innovative Engineering

SafeRack invests in cutting-edge engineering, as well as the tools and personnel to support it, in order to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

  • Saves Time & Money - Our tools allow you to develop a project easier, faster and for less cost than most alternatives.
  • Comprehensive Solutions - SafeRack assists you in problem solving, system development, project scope and budget preparation to make your job easier.
  • Collaborative Approach - SafeRack team members communicate with your engineers, operations, safety and maintenance people up front to reduce confusion and ensure a seamless project.
  • Stronger Products - Our one-of-a-kind engineering has allowed us to reduce welds, making our patented safety systems stronger and, in turn, safer for our customers.

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Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology helps improve communication and accuracy by allowing our customers to see a 3D image of new equipment in minutes.

  • Built-In Engineering - Every 3D image takes into account our full set of engineering rules, so every solution you see is exactly as it will be produced—there's no waiting for CAD drawings.
  • Buy With Confidence - Because you can see the 3D image, not only do you better understand the equipment, but you can also be sure of the fit and functionality before you place an order.
  • Instant Quotes - You don't need to wait weeks for a proposal because our innovative app prepares quotes and accurate drawings instantly—all on an iPad.
  • Precision-Driven Process - Our manufacturing process utilizes laser technology to ensure your new system functions as productively, ergonomically and safely as possible.

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Experienced Support

We didn't become an industry leader overnight. We've put decades into system design and problem solving to offer real value to our customers.

  • Hands-On From Start to Finish - An experienced representative will visit your site, listen to your goals and objectives and work closely with your team to develop the optimal solution.
  • Proven Track Record - Our field representatives, customer service, engineering and manufacturing teams have more than 400 years of combined experience designing, building and installing successful safety systems.
  • Wide Range of Capabilities- We have experience handling everything from new construction to complex retrofit applications.
  • Full Support - The entire SafeRack team is there to support you and make your job easier, and our combination of experience and engineering provides real value to our customers.

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