Winery Chooses Aesthetically Pleasing and Affordable Barrel Access System

A brand new winery needed access to stainless steel barrels and fermentation tanks that would keep employees safe without compromising the aesthetics of their gorgeous new facility. After reviewing the original architectural plans and making a site visit, ErectaStep reps proposed aluminum stair and work platforms as a customized solution that met the client’s budget and retained the sleek and stylish design they required. Site visits ensure client needs are met precisely. Using our state of the art technology reps were able to make an accurate quote and provide detailed drawings so they knew what the project will look like before we even began.

ErectaStep reps created a solution that reduced the overall footprint of the barrel access platforms and complimented the stainless steel tanks reducing the overall cost of the project while retaining the high-end aesthetic of the new construction.

Our ErectaStep custom aluminum platforms were a perfect fit. The design fit the layout perfectly and wowed the customer. The safe and convenient crossover access to the tanks takes up less space than the original design and the non-powder coated aluminum platforms look great next to the stainless steel tanks. This project was seamless and efficient from the start and affordable in the end. Our team of talented professionals was available with experienced support throughout and the client was thrilled with the results.


ErectaStep Catwalk installation at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards testimonial