Custom Work Platform With A Radius CutOut

Custom Work Platform

Custom Work Platform for Railcar

Application: Custom Access Work Platform for Crystallizer Viewing Window

This application absolutely showcases the versatility that the Erectastep custom work platform affords. Platforms and access points can be placed around existing structures that require access. Top access, side access, and bottom access can all be created around the dimensions of your product. The configurations that you can produce with the 5 piece modular system are endless. You customize the modular system to meet your needs.

Configuring and installing a rigid, safety platform has never been this easy. Your workers are protected and able to safely work from odd angles with confidence. This is what solid industrial grade aluminum adds to a platform. The platforms, stairs, handrails, and gates are rigid, solid and able to withstand industrial operations.

The strong, OSHA compliant components are easily configured and assembled to provide sturdy, non-slip work areas wherever you need them. The handrail and gate systems are powder coated in ANSII yellow that holds a vibrant finish in an indoor-outdoor setting for many years.

All components in the ErectaStep metal stairs system are manufactured in the US and are built to meet OSHA standards. When you stand on an Erectastep Platform you can feel the difference that the non-slip component strength adds. Your workers are safe, confident and more productive on ErectaStep Platforms. mlee