Portable Truck Spill Containment

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Spill Containment

Portable Truck Spill Containment

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Spill Containment

Portable Truck Spill Containment

truck spill containment

Unique "Living Hinge" design allows hands-free drive in/drive out - No need to manually raise or lower the endwalls.

  • Entry and exit walls are supported every 12" with a patented "living hinge".
  • Once a vehicle has entered or exited, the walls automatically spring back into their vertical position
  • Both long sidewalls are held upright by PVC sidewall assemblies. Simply swivel the feet to lower the sidewalls for storage or transport to another location.

Drive-in/drive-out endwalls teamed up with collapsible sidewalls offer the ultimate combination - "Hands Free" convenience and affordable design!

Ultra-containment berms, (ultimate model)

Dimensions Part # Weight Containment Capacity
12' x 60' x 1' 8505 309 lbs. 5,385 gallons
15' x 50' x 1' 8506 326 lbs. 5,610 gallons
15' x 66' x 1' 8507 405 lbs. 7,405 gallons

Standard material of construction is Copolymer 2000TM. XR5, polyurethane and other materials also available. Custom sizes available.

Two-way "living hinge" design allows convenient, hands-free drive in/drive out.

PVC sidewall assemblies can be easily lowered and raised.

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