Silo Valve Access

Cement silos require routine maintenance, especially the diverter valves or switching valves, which are crucial to keeping cement grades separate. Often, these components can be found at the top of a silo. The access to the top is usually a narrow, winding, and aging stairway and cannot accommodate the additional weight of a worker, safety gear, and tools.

Instead of renting expensive cranes to lift large, heavy, fabricated units, SafeRack’s line of ErectaStep’s metal stairs and industrial maintenance work platforms feature modular, lightweight components that weigh less than 50 pounds each. They can be easily carried to the tops of silos and then assembled quickly and with little more than a wrench. Because ErectaStep’s components bolt together with no welding required, it eliminates the need for a “hot work” permit that is commonly needed in most facilities. Lightweight crossovers and valve access systems do not add much weight to the tops of the silos and keep workers safe while performing routine maintenance.


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