Facility Installation, Construction Services and Preventative Maintenance

Whether you are looking for turn-key installations, on-site supervision, or a maintenance program. SafeRack is the world-leading manufacturer and integrator of railcar and truck loading facilities.

We can do as little or as much as you need. Our project management and supervision team is the best in the business at supporting your company’s needs.

  • Collaborative Design  – Our loading platform specialists will work with you one on one, if you design to design the best loading solution for your specific needs
  • Contract review – drawings and associated documents relating to the contract prior to site arrival
  • Risk Assessment – Undertaking a site risk assessment
  • Shipment Inspection – Detection of any shipping damage or abnormalities
  • Material Receiving – Supervised off-loading and transport at site
  • Installation Management – Supervised Installations and Coordination
  • Startup & Commissioning – On-site training for both users and maintenance personnel

SafeRack, the world-leading manufacturer and integrator of railcar and truck loading facilities for turn-key installations, on-site supervision, or a maintenance program.

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Railcar Loading Facility Project Profiles

SafeRack Construction Services (SCS) Projects

Wyoming Fractionator

Increased Production Project Completed Ahead of Schedule

SCS supplied and installed 4200’ of ladder track on customer-owned rail spur adjacent to UP right of away. An additional 8 spot rail loading platform accompanied the rail install at the fractionating facility in Wyoming. The facility receives feedstock via pipelines from nearby wells and refined products are loaded into railcars using SafeRack, LLC advanced platform, and loading systems. The refinery is now capable of processing up to 50,000 barrels of raw materials per day into #1 Gasoline, Diesel, Butane, and Iso-Butane that supply many of the surrounding states

By-Rail Load Facility
Full Service – Design/Construct
LPG, Butane, #1 Gasoline, Iso-Butane
8 Spot Railcar
Zero Recordables
Petroleum Loading Safety Equipment pdf download Download Project Profile

Ammonia Loadout Facility Louisiana

Ammonia Loadout Facility, Louisiana

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SafeRack was tapped to supply and install all anhydrous ammonia loading platform and safety equipment as part of their $175 million investment in upgrades and infrastructure to increase production capacity to 800,000 metric tons at an 800 acre, Louisiana anhydrous ammonia manufacturing complex located on the Mississippi River, Jefferson Parish, just outside New Orleans, LA. SafeRack assisted with design, manufacturing and specifications for all loading towers, platforms, pipe bridges, and canopy systems. As well as designing and procuring anhydrous ammonia metering skids and installing the anhydrous ammonia proving tower.

USD Crude Oil loading platform construction

USD Terminals Crude Loadout Facility, Hardisty, Alberta

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As one of the primary railcar loading points, Hardisty is one of the major crude oil hubs in North America and a major origination point of pipelines that export to the United States. SCS was asked to supply and construct a SafeRack crude oil loadout terminal spanning nearly half a mile. The USD Hardisty terminal can load up to two 120-railcar unit trains per day and consists of a fixed loading rack with 62 railcar loading positions enclosed, separate control, operator and mechanical buildings, as well as a unit train staging area and loop tracks capable of holding multiple unit trains simultaneously. SCS also supplied and installed boom-supported loading arms with supply and vapor management systems.

Crude oil railcar loading platform installation, Chevron refinery, Salt Lake City, UT

Black Wax Crude Loading Facility, Salt Lake City, UT

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When it came time to upgrade and modernize this 1940’s rail loading facility, SCS was the only installer trusted to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. SCS provided a variety of SafeRack products and services for this project including cost analysis of replacing existing versus retrofit. SCS also performed all new equipment design/engineering, as well as demolition plan for removal of existing original loading platform system. SafeRack manufactured all the platform system and safe access equipment in their state of the art facility located in South Carolina. All shipping logistics and on-site receiving/staging was accomplished using SCS on-site project management. Installation of the new rail loading platform, pipe-bridge, process piping, I&E, and ergonomic/environmentally friendly loading arms. With the ability to move feedstock by rail, the customer has experienced an increase in refined product output at many out-of-state facilities previously unable to gather enough raw materials.

Railroad Track Construction

SafeRack ensures that every phase of your project—from initial engineering and planning to final grading and installing of collection and spill containment systems—will run smoothly. After all, we’re the uncontested leader in designing, manufacturing, and building rail loading terminals—from start to finish.

  • Turnkey Railroad Track Design and Construction
  • Railcar Spurs and Turnout Construction
  • Railroad track demolition and disposal
  • Collaborative Approach Ensures Seamless Project
  • On-Time and Within Budget

SafeRack has over 400 years of collective experience designing, manufacturing, and building multi-unit rail loading platforms and terminals. That experience has given us the ability to lay high-quality railroad track on time and within budget. Let us help you design and build your next terminal.

manning for railroad installations

HCL Railcar Loading Rack

This 7 Spot loading rack with gangways is for loading Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). This installation is in progress and the photo does not show the completed installation.

HCL Railcar Loading Rack SCS

HCl loading terminals are typically a “tight-fill” (closed-loop) loading operation and is loaded into railcars via chemical hoses or by-pass arms. HCl, if not handled properly can be fatal and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Additionally, because operators are on top of the vehicles during the loading process, fall prevention is essential, not only for safety but increases throughput.

Preventive Maintenance

Eliminate unplanned downtime and lost productivity with preventive maintenance.

SafeRack MAUI Replacement Parts

  • Winch Assembly – includes cable & handle
  • Leveling Jack with plate and hardware
  • Hand-Retractable Spring Plunger – includes locking pins with hardware
  • Fixed Rear Wheel Assembly
  • Front Swivel Wheel Assembly with Handle – includes gooseneck
  • Change in vehicles being accessed – 1014 to 1216 includes ladder and H-frame
  • Change or replace MAUI Cage 4x6x4 rail 5x6x4 rail articulating 6x6x4 rail 8x8x2 rail
  • MAUI Mover – replacement or change

SafeRack Gangway Replacement Parts

  • Spring Assembly
  • Top Handrail – Right/Left Standard/Extended
  • Self-Leveling Step for a SAS
  • Extension Handle for a FRT
  • Footlock Assembly
  • Midrail
  • Pivot Rod
  • G4 Gangway Parts Kit